Thursday, June 20, 2013

The things that fall by the wayside

Hello Anybody!

If it's not crazily apparent, I've been a bit preoccupied being a new Mama.
Wynne Bennet (that's right, after the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice!) was born a day before her Daddy's birthday (!) at about 7 AM, she weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz and a little over 20 inches long.

As a result, this blog is one of those things that has been allowed to gather dust, along with the dust bunnies that have accumulated around the house.

Lemme interrupt myself right there and say the hubbster has stepped up like I never imagined cleaning and doing everything that I would just have let go to pot (clean bathrooms? who needs 'em?!) along with being an amazing and sweet father. Thanks to loving, wonderful family, food was never a problem, and my Mama even helped me get some sleep in the first few nights when I just wasn't used to getting that little sleep (I cannot sleep during the day, I'm sorry! That whole "sleep when baby sleeps" neeeeeever worked for me!)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I considered still making blogging a priority and then realized that I just didn't want to talk about a lot of that stuff (labor and delivery, hormones, chronic lack of sleep, etc...) and didn't think anyone who was here to see a wedding blog would want to read it anyway.

But it's clear that I won't be blogging about weddings anymore, so with much bittersweetness, it's time to retire Eleven Twenty Five Eleven, and dedicate my very limited free time to more appropriate topics. But you know what? I picked the right one! The Man has smoothly transitioned to The Dad and still looks sexy as hell doing it! This blog was not just about budget and DIY and the stupid dress ;) It was about marrying my other half, and I'm so glad I took that step with him, and even more glad we took the next step!

I WILL be creating a new blog as soon as  the dust really settles, and it will be dedicated to all things baby.

My New Baby Blog!! (coming soon)

Thank you all so much for following me on the crazy wedding ride, the Mama roller coaster is ten million times crazier but 100 million quantities of AWESOME!! So continue on with me... if you dare. In the meantime, while I won't bombard you all, for those who don't mind seeing baby pictures, here's a representation of the past six months of my life:

 Her first photoshoot! I did it myself!! She was an amazingly cooperative 2 month old :)


(Actually, Bailey is terrified of Wynne, but it gets a little better everyday)

Don't they look great as grandparents!!!

We call her Monkey, Wynnie Bear, and Bear-Bear, she's got the brightest, bluest, biggest, beautifullest eyes a Mama could ever want to look at everyday!
Rae Rae, her paternal grandma, is the best at getting her to smile for pictures! Boppi, her maternal grandpa, is best at making her laugh!

Her first food was avocado and she absolutely loooooooves it! Since then, she's graduated to pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, bananas and peaches!

I've succeeded so far in making all her baby food from scratch... SO FAR! It's no picnic and I have no idea if there would be any bit of difference from Gerber, but she's a fantastic eater, and I think (based on no scientific evidence) that homemade baby food has something to do with it.

Besides, no baby food company makes avocado puree, we don't know what we'd do without the mighty avocado!!
Sitting up and rolling over at 5 months, and she loves the bouncy gyms!!


My little six month old munchkin, checkin' her e-mails! So big!! Well, that was just this morning, so that's all I've got (I mean, you know, as an overview). Again, thanks for trekking along with me, I hope to still see everyone as the journey continues!!