Ashley and Kyle

About the bride

Ashley is currently working towards her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Pennsylvania while also planning a wedding. She's not too upset about this as she enjoys doing both, a lot. In fact, if Ashley wasn't studying to be a scientist, she might be a wedding planner! She enjoys cooking, reading, drawing/painting, and playing the violin! But you probably already knew that. Otherwise, she's busy fawning and sighing and batting her eyelashes over Kyle who's just the handsomest, coolest, most macho guy since Elvis, James Dean, and Superman combined. He saves her life on a regular basis. He is her very best friend and she can't wait to marry him!

About the groom

Kyle is working very hard as the American Wunderkind for his German-based equipment company Retsch, Inc. Named for the first man to invent the motorized mortar and pestle, Retsch sells lots of gadgets that make sample prep and quality control a lot easier. That being said, Kyle still has ambitions of going back to school and getting an advanced degree for use in either law or hospital administration. For now, though, he enjoys playing guitar, reading, and playing computer games in his limited free time. Limited because he has to spend a significant amount of time catering to Ashley's every whim. He calls her Goddess Divine and spends a lot of time on his knees before her. But she is also his best friend and he can't wait to marry her!

About the honorary flower girl

Bailey is Kyle and Ashley's 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier who still acts like a spoiled small child. You would too though if your mommy and daddy yielded to your every desire. She's not spoiled exactly, but she does get everything she wants. She enjoys long jaunts in large yards, ripping the stuffing out of all of her toys, chewing on bones, and chasing bits of food across the living room floor. She HATES socks! She will DESTROY them! Bailey is honored to be honorary flower girl but is sad she won't be at the wedding (she's not actually allowed on the grounds of the wedding venue). She will cope by sleeping all day in an adorable little ball of fur.

How we met

You mean I've never told you about the burning building with the babies crying and also an angry bear in the middle of a tornado???
Just kidding, we met in college.

How we got engaged!

The date: 8/21/2010

Kyle got down on one knee at Pellegrini Vineyards in Long Island, NY.
Kyle and Ashley first visited the Long Island Vineyards in 2008 as Ashley's 25th birthday present. They loved it so much that two years later, they decided to plan an impromptu trip back to the vineyards.
Kyle later said that the day was just too perfect not to propose, and lucky for him, he already had the ring just in case they experienced that perfect day. They were staying in a quaint bed and breakfast that was comfortable and romantic, so that Saturday was already off to a good start. They couldn't have asked for better weather; it was 80 degrees and sunny with no humidity and a light breeze. Pellegrini was the first vineyard Kyle and Ashley visited during their first trip to Long Island in 2008, so they both wanted to go back and see it again. The wine was just as good as they remembered.
While walking around the vineyard admiring the grapes on the vine (and stealing one to taste) Kyle got out his bloggie with the pre-conceived notion of getting video of the vines and Ashley stealing grapes. He made sure the camera was in focus and said "You're gonna' wanna' see this."
"Ashley, I love you more than you'll ever know." as he pulled a small black box from his pocket. He got down on one knee and held the box out. As soon as she saw the little black box, Ashley could no longer speak a conherent sentence. She opened the box to reveal exactly the ring she had dreamed of: a marquis diamond with two round side stones set in a platinum band. A large marquis diamond. Kyle slipped it onto her finger and asked "Would you marry me?" Ashley said "Yes." right away, and couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Our Wedding Party

Ashley's Attendants:

Miriam Khan, Honorary Maid of Honor
Ashley's closest friend from college
Introduced Kyle and Ashley

Jordan Mentlik, Bridesmaid
Ashley's kid sister
Terrorized Ashley when they were growing up

Keri Sanborn, Bridesmaid
Ashley's friend from lab
Listens to Ashley complain a lot

Kyle's Attendants:

Daniel Botto, Best Man
Kyle's best friend
Kyle's big spoon

Keith Mentlik, Groomsman
Ashley's kid brother
Wild man!