Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas goodies!

I have a few great reasons why I've been absent for the past few days. Promise! Instead of thinking about honeymoons or recaps, I've been thinking about my Christmas baking! I finished a day early so I miraculously had time to take pictures and write up a quick post before bed!

I gave myself quite an ambitious list this year because I'm too broke to actually get anyone presents everyone loves to eat awesome goodies at Christmas! Actually, with the wedding and all, no one really talked about Christmas presents this year or told me anything they wanted. So I figured no one can ever say no to:
Red velvet cake balls (ummm, yum!)
Apple pie cookies (whaaaa?!?! yes please!)
Limoncello bars (I didn't even know those were a thing! GIMME!!)
Mini apple butter pumpkin pies, breakfast apple pie cakes, and grits pies!!

All I have to say is, if anyone wants to give me any of that "I'm on a diet" bull pie, I will be more than happy to take back your Christmas goodies and give them a good home in my belly... which is not on a diet right now...


Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!!

That's right, today the old man turns even older!! And by even older I mean he turns the same age as me. Yikes! Once again the world is back in order, and he can stop calling me his "old lady" for the next 11 months... I take that back, now that we're married he's just going to keep calling me that forever now... I'm screwed no matter how I look at it...

Courtesy of the Oatmeal. Happy Burfday to the love of my life!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Schmoozing while dancing, part III

As promised, there were other people at the wedding, and they got down and jiggy with it as well:
My uncle and cousin (she wore cowboy boots, she was my hero of the night!)
My cousins Gracie and Jason
Kyle's cousin Lindsay and her husband Jay
No wedding is complete without some polka, at least no wedding in Kyle's family. I mean, I bet you didn't have a air violin solo at your wedding, and when you add polka too?! It's like the coolest thing ever.
Anywho, Kyle's grandmother and great aunt know how to polka because they're from Pennsylvania Dutch country.

So then I find out that my aunt and uncle Keirsten and Kirby can polka too! Because Aunty K is also from PA Dutch country!! I was so proud to also have some lovable weirdos in my family as well ;)
So now I'm going to make your teeth hurt with some adorable pictures of us dancing with kids... Ready for your daily dose of just-too-cute?!
Me and my boss's daughter
Me with Jason and Harper, two of my cousins
Kyle with my cousin Kelsey
Kyle with my cousin Alex; you might be saying "she's not a kid" but this one is particularly adorable because Alex just had hip surgery and she was determined that she was going to be well enough to dance at my wedding so Kyle made sure she danced.

Then we just generally partied with our friends... Woot woot to Nick for providing all the fantastic music:
Big shout out to Kathleen, Emily G, Julie, Mia, Dan, Keri, Lauren, Kenny, Audrey, Shane, Jaime, Matt, Danny... and if I'm missing anyone it's because you didn't get up and dance; your loss.


Not sure what Lindsay is doing here but so glad she had a good time
Someone had to snap Kyle's suspenders at some point during the night.

Lindsay's goliath of a brother, Josh, wouldn't dance with us, so Lindsay was hassling him
Then I had to show him how to dance.
He ran away...

Great hug. I think Jay and I have big love between us because we're both the outsiders coming into this crazy family. We gotta' stick together.

These two are trouble.
Huge thanks again to Danny for flying from Denver to come to our wedding!!

I wish this picture was in focus, my cousin Michelle's face is priceless.
But in general, I also love our fuzzy pictures.
Family love!! See, everyone had fun with us!

This ends my collection of family/friend facebook pictures. Honeymoon recaps still to come, and real recaps soon because our DVD of images is on its way! Thanks to Ben, as always! Thank you cards, registry stuff, and Memorializing; the vows, albums, framed stuff... there's still plenty more wedding stuff to talk about!

In non-image-related news- I applied for my new social security card!!! The US government now recognizes my new name! Not so with the DMV or any of my credit card companies yet, but... they will. It still almost feels like forgery to write my new name. I almost feel like that giddy girl who used to write her married name on her notebooks in middle school except it would be Ashley Gordon-Levitt or Ashley Taylor Thomas or Ashley Timberlake (I'm having trouble typing for cracking up over here). But, get it?? It feels like that! I guess I consider myself lucky though that it makes me feel so giddy and girly.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dancing, kissing, and schmoozing part II

To continue, apparently I had a great time at the wedding. I mean, of course I did, right? But I mean, a surprising number of people managed to capture me having a really good time. I already know I'm prone to ridiculous faces, so while I can't believe I'm going to post these, really, what do I have to hide??

Dancin' with m'self
Fuzzy crazy lady

Apparently, when it's your wedding, every time you get on the dance floor and start boogieing (wow, can you believe that's actually how that's spelled?!) everyone thinks it's 'bride solo' time and clears off. I found myself dancing like a fool all by myself on numerous occasions.

Fuzzy crazy zero G lady
Ashley fall down
And needs new hubby to help her up.

Like I said, I apparently had a great time. Nobody else danced while I was dancing like a dancin' fool so I just kept dancing... The dance floor can't be empty. Ever!

I also spent a lot of time schmoozing with the new hubby, which I'm glad was also well-documented:



Uh oh... Devil Went Down To Georgia just came on...

Air violin solo!!!!!!

Awwww. I'm so glad we both had such a fantastic time. We were so intent upon making sure we and everyone else had fun. We wanted the whole day to be full of love, laughter, and lots of fun, and I think we accomplished that. Our ceremony was beautiful, the reception was rockin'. I think it was a good balance.

Part III tomorrow: I'll finally stop being selfish and show you that other people actually had a good time at our wedding too!