Kyle and I are very bad at documenting our relationship in general. We're just not the type to want to get our picture taken every time we go somewhere or do something.

We were just both in a wedding though, so thank goodness for professional photographers!
 At the beginning of the night...

 A little sweatier by the end of the night...

And pretty crazy in between! (We're singing, not screaming at each other :))

Here's our one great pre-engaged photo:
This is from our first (?) Easter together at my dad's parents' house (Non and Pop). Thanks to Uncle Dave for snapping this one!

We do have one good one from an office dinner (the one that's also my profile picture):
Thanks to Frank for bringing a camera to dinner!

We do have an ok one from white water rafting the first time:
whoops, not that one!
There it is, all squinty and exhausted from that trek down the Youghiogheny. Thanks to Mia for both of these shots!

Oh wait, we can't forget Halloween last year:
I was Maude Lebowski, he was the Dude, that's a real white russian in his hand. Very few people got it, but we LOVED it!! Thanks again Mia! and you know what, just for fun, here's a shot I or Kyle took of our maid of honor/best man couple at that same Halloween:
Einstein and his String Theory. heehee!!

I am currently trying to impress upon Kyle that even though it's marketing to the extreme on the photographers' part, I do want a few nice photos of us now that we're engaged. We don't have to call it an engagement shoot! But more on that as the story develops! This is all I have for now!