Sunday, September 30, 2012

Being lazy is a full time job!

I'm not even going to apologize, you know how awful I am, just picture my sad, repentant face, not being able to look you in the eye:
I can't even lie and say I've been busy. Per my last post, I had defended my thesis, got my PhD, and then went home and chilled basically! I had revisions to make on my written thesis, that sucks because you think you're done and then you have to get back into it. Final product is 127 pages long! Revisions didn't take up all my time though, basically, my time has been spent being a little stir crazy. Some people would blog every day. I, on the other hand, feel like if I have nothing to do, I don't want to do nuthin'! I still don't feel like a doctor, I feel unemployed! That's right, I'm STILL waiting for my official letter of employment from my new job, I've been assured that it's been written, just hasn't been mailed to me yet. I should have a job within a week... which is really really important as I am officially off the payroll at Penn, and for the first time in six years, I didn't get a paycheck at the end of this month... I'm freakin' out a little!

Did I mention we're pregnant?! Yeah, I did, last post. I'm looking decidedly preggers now:
And this picture is even two weeks old. I've gained about 2 or 3 more pounds since this was taken... all in the belly, hopefully. Oddly, I've been not freaked out at all about the number on the scale, maybe because I've never really paid much attention to the scale, because I'm lazy. Now, all I have to worry about is that I don't gain too too much weight, about a pound a week, and I'm OK! I still love waffles, every day, but I've also started chugging milk hard core. A gallon lasts about three days now, and Kyle doesn't drink milk.

Funny story, our besties Mia and Dan came to visit us for Labor day with their little man, who is 10 months old now (!!) and I was drinking milk out of the carton (yeah, whatever, because I'm a slob, get over it!) and Mia gave me a hard time. Apparently bacteria from your mouth make the milk go bad faster. I said 'Mia, this milk is not going to last more than another day.' She asked where I picked up the habit and I said from my dad, there was a pause, and before she could say anything I said 'Milk was lucky to last two days in my house growing up.'

I think my dad will appreciate that one. So I'm so sorry to say I didn't think to take a single picture of the little man while they were visiting (because it's about the most exciting thing to happen to us since I last posted) but what a cutie he is!
(via Dan's Facebook) He's a shameless flirt, and he's got this smirk he does that makes you blush, then you remember you're a grown woman and this kid is smooooooth! Ha, just kidding, but he is smooth. He was so happy all weekend, Bailey on the other hand was not. Her whole world was thrown upside down, she and I had to have words, a lot, and she spent a lot of time in time out in Mommy and Daddy's room. She was jealous of who was in my lap and yet constantly worried about Gabriel, following him around and whimpering. So if there's anything I'm nervous about, it's how our baby, which will obviously be a full time live-in, will throw her world into chaos. I love her, but she is no longer the numero uno priority.

Does anyone else have kids and dogs? And did you have issues? If so, how did you deal with them? Everyone tells me she'll get used to the extra tiny human. We shall see.

So, I'm getting ready to watch the Eagles hopefully play nice together. I'll post soon about registry (because sure this isn't a baby blog, but everyone loves registries!), nesting and hopefully having a confirmed job. P.S. our lovely wedding photographer Ben Weldon and his wife Rose had their first baby this past week!! Hooray!!! They named him Grey. Cool, no? We're getting old enough now that we value our friends for their potential future playdates :)

How's everyone else doin'???

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