Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we go home happy!

So... where to begin? This is our reception through the eyes of our guests! This post might be a two parter, let's see what I can put together!

We have a few shots of the ballroom before we laid waste to it:

Next we skip to entering the reception and the first dance; we boogied to Jeff Beck's "Dirty Mind":

We boogied :) to Jeff Beck's Dirty Mind

Then we had our first dance to Incubus' "Friends and Lovers" Great choice on the man's part, nice surprise for me :)

We sat down to dinner and had toasts:

Sorry about the red eye, I haven't had a chance to fix all that yet.

After dinner, we had father/daughter:
 "All About Love" by Earth, Wind & Fire

And mother/son dances:

To "I Hope You Dance" by Leann Womack.

We then cut the cake, which was lots of fun until someone loses an eye (Kyle didn't actually lose an eye, but he came mighty close and I'm sorry to say it was because I poked him. Hard):

"Don't you do it!" "Don't you do it!"
The nose touch that started it all! Thankfully, nobody, and I mean nobody has a picture of the actual eye poke, but I'm sure Kyle will never forget it!

Finally, it was time for bouquet and garter tossing!

Wanna' jam out? I threw the bouquet to "Girls (Who Run The World)" by Beyonce:


"Who run this motha'--?!"
My Baby cousin Taylor caught the bouquet first, but since we wanted the chance to humiliate a young man and woman with the whole garter thing, I decided to throw the bouquet again to someone of age ;)
Who happened to be my cousin's girlfriend Tanya! Just met her a few days ago, but she's cool. Congrats to her!

One of my favorite times of the night; the guys rocked it out to "I'm Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO, nuff said:

 Kyle's former employee... weird! But funny.

They got along very well ;)

There were a lot of bromances in the air:
 Danny flew in from Denver to see us! So we were sure to play some of his Journey to get him on the dance floor... Huh, looks like Shane and Tanya are still dancing too. Ha!

 Of course, it just wouldn't be a wedding without a Matt sandwich. I hope we're always at weddings together, because I can't get enough of these two together.

We played some funk for Kenny to get his swerve on too. He was a little too quick to capture though.

Well, it's obvious I can't edit very well, and I still have lots more to show, so stay tuned for parts II and possibly III, comin' atcha soon!


  1. What a great recap of the day. Your venue was beyond cool!

  2. your dress is gorgeous! what a nice looking couple! not sure if you remember me, but i commented on the nail color for your bridesmaids. what did you decide? :)