Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guessing Seconds

I haven't forgotten anyone, but I'm feeling restless. When I feel restless, I think about everything I want to change for no reason... things that don't even need to be changed.

It got me thinking about all the decisions we've made about the wedding and what I have or have not had second guesses about... here's a short list of all my second guesses:

  • Blog url and title
  • Wedding gown
  • Hair
See, I wasn't lying... that was a short list (I thought it was going to be longer...). I can't think of anything else, what I can definitely attest to is a much longer list of things not second guessed at:
  • My groom :)

  • Photographer

  • Venue and subsequently the wedding date

  • Florist

  • Invitations

  • Favors

  • DJ

(I had to show not just a DJ picture because Nick is our friend because I was friends with Julie first... it seemed wrong to have a pic of Nick without Julie)

  • Jewelry (engagement ring, wedding band, wedding jewelry... I'll show you soon)

  • Color scheme

  • Honeymoon

Now, I know there are a few on there (venue and honeymoon) that if you're a loyal follower, you're saying 'Whoa whoa whoa! Remember when you wanted to get married in Hawaii and then honeymoon in Hawaii?!?!' Wanting to please and be close to my family was what changed that decision, and once I found Riverdale and discovered Casa Chameleon in Costa Rica, that was all she wrote.

The reason I wanted to bring up color scheme is because while I love my color scheme, there are color schemes everywhere and they make you think about second guessing your color scheme.

See, I don't know where I came up with my color scheme. I love chocolate and wine and cream/ivory is a great neutral color for those two. I was thinking blue ties on the groomsmen, as well as blue napkins in the reception. Why?? You may ask, why the incongruity?? Well, Kyle and I both have blue eyes, you could cover us in chocolate, wine, and cream and we'd still have blue eyes. And because all those colors are very deep and rich, I think the light blue adds a freshness and lightness to the scheme.

I just reminded myself though that dangit all I did second guess my color scheme! When we were first engaged and I picked up my first bridal magazine, I fell in love with the orange/purple/teal scheme:
From The Inspired Bride. I let it go pretty quickly for two reasons: Any orange/yellow/red combo automatically seemed too stereotypically fall-like for me, and Kyle hates the teal/turquoise. There was no getting around it, I let it go pretty quickly. Since then, I've had these doubts about our color scheme not being contemporary or modern or cool enough. I was sitting in a very boring talk once and looked out the window to see a gorgeous ginkgo biloba tree with all its little leaves turned bright yellow. The talk was on UPenn's campus, so the tree stood right in front of an old brick building with slate-colored shingles and turrets the color of the Statue of Liberty. 

I was so struck by that color scheme for a few hours afterwards I almost changed my whole game plan! I think the only thing that stopped me was that it was too modern and too stringent; for example, try to throw some green in there... can't do it can you?! Can't fit blue either... It's an incredibly militant color scheme... everything would have to adhere perfectly- flowers, attire, decoration, and I felt it would take away from the beauty and tranquility of the venue and the simple sort of elegance we were striving for.

So, in the end, we are still in love with our wholesome, maybe a bit old-fashioned or boring, but rich color scheme. I'm happy with it, as I am with everything else so far. This whole exercise has just helped me to be so much happier with the whole process (I mean, I was already happy, but now I'm super duper psyched about everything!!); when I trust my first instincts, I'm usually happier with them. For example, there are a few things on my list that I made very quick, impulsive decisions about and they're the ones that I've felt best about: ummmm, my future groom, duh! (Winning!); I knew I loved Ben Weldon, I still had to make that tough decision because Shea Roggio was equally awesome, but I knew it would be Ben deep down from the beginning; the invitations just happened, I didn't even think about those; Tara Keister was the first and only florist I went to see; and I booked Riverdale as soon as I saw it, before Kyle had even seen it.

For all the other ladies reading who have been through similar processes thus far, was your decision-making easy? or did you waffle a little (or a lot)?

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  1. The biggest con about our long engagement is that it gives me a million chances to second guess myself! We already changed our color scheme once, and part of me wishes I could change it again, heh.

    I agree that you should go with your gut. The wedding be just gorgeous, regardless!