Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I just wanted to comment that I've done absolutely nothing to address the to do list I gave myself in my last post...

I'm almost done the Save the Dates!

I almost have all our addresses!!

I got address labels from Shutterfly:
I just want to comment that I love Shutterfly... I really really really love them!

Let me tell you a short story... I once mentioned Shutterfly a few months ago because they sent me an offer for free address labels. Out of the Blue! I was very appreciative, I got my free address labels, I was very excited. Reason #1: Shutterfly likes to give out free stuff every now and then!

A representative from Shutterfly reached out to me because I didn't properly link up my Shutterfly reference when I made it. I am usually pretty good at this, so I felt really bad, and offered to do whatever I had to do to fix the situation. Turns out all I had to do was link it up proper! I said yeah, no problem. And what did they do? After I messed up and didn't give them due credit at first? Gave me a $25 credit on Shutterfly.com... Reason #2: Pretty self-explanatory.

Then, I decided that I liked our address labels so much that I would use them at least for Save the Date return labels, and maybe even for RSVP envelopes. The only thing that sort of ate at me a little bit was that the color of our names is a tad pinkish for me. It's not so pink in person, on the labels, but on the screen it looks pink. I decided I would experiment with a deeper maroon/burgundy color for the script on the top line. I was able to customize the label and make the script darker:
That was more like it! Almost wine-colored. I was very satisfied, ordered enough for Save the Dates and RSVP envelopes (just in case) and applied my code; got the labels free. Thanks Shutterfly! Alas, they arrived and I couldn't even read the script, the color was too dark and blended into the brown background. I was very ticked at myself because they were good enough the way they came first. I swallowed my pride and crossed my fingers and e-mailed customer service, saying that I know it was my fault, but on the screen, it didn't seem like the script was going to be too dark and could I pretty please get replacements.

They said sure thing! Reason #3: Awesome awesome customer service. Now, I know it seems like I'm taking advantage of Shutterfly, but I don't think so. And I'm not meaning too. This is the kind of business model I appreciate above all others. I have given them business (lots of prints, and a photobook of our vacation in Rome, and a link in my blog) and as a reward, or a thank you, they gave me a free offer, and even fixed an order that was kind of messed up by me anyway. And you better believe that I will now continue to give them business anytime I need address labels, prints, photobooks, calendars, etc... because of this experience. This in my opinion is precisely how you build loyalty. So Shutterfly, if you're reading, I'll never leave you! and I would never take advantage of you!


Anyway, all this is to distract all of you from the fact that I'm avoiding this cake decision stuff. I am really just grossed out by the whole thing. Why is cake so expensive?! Why is everyone so bad at it?! Kyle has threatened to call Duff Goldman at Charm City Cakes, to see if we can get fellow UMBC alum props :) but Duff is crazy expensive (probably not as expensive as Maggie Austin, but... who is??) and his cakes are still a tad cartoony for me... sorry Duff. Not that any of it matters anyway, because for whatever reason, they're not taking any orders for our wedding date; probably Thanksgiving has something to do with it ;) Also, I take it back, I looked at his pricing info and his cakes are actually MORE expensive than Maggie Austin cakes. All of this is pointless to talk about anyway because I'm just going to settle for a cake made by someone close to our venue and just shut up already!!

Gooooooooosssssfraaaabaaaa... Anyway, I e-mailed another cake company near our venue and got a form e-mail back telling me I had to call to get any information, and that really ticked me off. No one would even have the decency to write me back to even let me know if they were available on my date. It's a shame I like their cakes, because that was a huge turnoff. So I have one more resource up my sleeve; and I'm e-mailing them as soon as I post this! If this is a no go... I don't know what I'm going to do... Maggie Austin, here I come...

Bridesmaids dresses soon. Final reveal of the StDs. More gorgeous wedding hair... and hopefully we'll have cake at our wedding...

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  1. Just found your blog and wanted to say hello!! Im from the Philadelphia area as well! :) Congrats on your wedding!