Saturday, April 16, 2011

I never win anything!!!

Hello Friends! I am excited to give an update on favors. It's been a few weeks now and I pulled my four bottles out to see what they look like and what they smell like! For a few weeks, the booze just smells like booze, but now that it's been awhile, the booze smell starts to get replaced with the sweet, wonderful smell of vanilla.
They're so dark! Check 'em out up against the light:


The vodka amazingly is the darkest. It also smells the most like the vanilla extract you'd get from the store. The next best smelling one is from the brandy. It's rich and has a nice spice smell. My least favorite smelling one is the Bacardi gold... it still smells like alcohol, so maybe that will change in a few more weeks. Otherwise, I don't think I like it. Surprise of all surprises, the Captain Morgan's doesn't smell like anything! I can't smell the vanilla or the spice. Again, maybe a few weeks will change the smell of my two least favorites. And of course, none of this holds any water until we somehow taste test them. I was thinking pancakes or maybe muffins; make the batter with everything but the vanilla and then add the vanilla into each muffin tin or pancake. We've got another month or so before we start testing!

One more thing... I won something!! Anyone who's getting married or just likes wedding blogs knows that they have giveaways all the time. I enter periodically just for fun, and because of course, sometimes they give away really cool things! Well, I've never won anything UNTIL NOW!! Green wedding shoes was giving away a Plum Pretty Sugar robe and I WON IT!!
Now I've got a reason to partake in the adorable pictures of the bride with her party while getting ready:
Don't look now bridesmaids but you may be getting a sneak peek at your gifts! Anyone else who likes what they see, check out Plum Pretty Sugar Robes!!

Speaking of bridesmaids, I'll be getting together with my mama soon to window shop for bridesmaids dresses. I can't wait to get some pictures, to see dresses in person. Until then, Save the Dates are almost done and I have almost all the addresses... I cannot wait to get this phase to completion, because it's so real after that. I'll have to start thinking postage within the next week or so!

So has anyone else won anything unexpected? Anyone have any great ideas about how to test my vanilla extracts?


  1. those favors are awesome and that robe is fantastic!! I might have to go check that out and get one for myself!! Hey can I add you to my 2011 blogging brides page at

  2. I never win anything either.. so congrats! I'm so enamored with that robe.. I may just have to buy that for myself. It's stunning!