Friday, April 13, 2012

Another FABulous deal!

Hey ALL!!! I just got this awesome e-mail about this awesome deal. I do not think I will be taking advantage of it because I'm cheap like that and like I hinted with the last deal I posted about, I think it might be overkill. Anyway, it's from Fabness and it's super sweet:
Like Easy Canvas Prints, I can vouch for their canvases being pretty top notch. The ECP deal is going on till the 15th, so you still have a few days, this deal is a 48 hour one. Added bonus, the ECP deal also has free shipping, not sure if the fabness deal does.

Like I said, I don't think I'll be taking advantage of it (I might rue the decision to get two prints from ECP instead of three from Fab... let's try not to think that way, shall we?) but I encourage anyone else to. THIS IS NOT JUST FOR WEDDING PHOTOS!! Obvy it would be great for wedding photos but any photos that you've been dying to get prints made of, go for it! Get both deals! If you're moving into a new home like we are, why not decorate it? Even if you want to take stock photos of pretty flowers or something, get fancy wrap-around canvas prints instead of just posters that you would have to frame. Oh oh, say you're a new photographer and you need to decorate your studio with prints of your work. This deal represents a combined savings of $290!!!!!

I forgot to say the other day, and I will say now, and this applies to both companies: I am not getting paid to advertise here. They didn't even ask me to advertise. But dangit, I can't help but be excited about these deals and share them with you all. I hope this is some helpful money saving for everyone!

Happy Friday!!!

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