Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interwebs good again!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Easter! I just wanted to take a minute out to let everyone in on a pretty fantastic deal going on right now at Easy Canvas Prints:
Just in case there was a question, this is a phenomenal deal! Just in case you need an idea of how big an 18x24 print is... it's big. I thought 16x20 was only kinda' big and when my first prints started coming in the mail (the ones I talked about a few weeks ago), I was kind of overwhelmed at how huge they were. And now these guys are giving away 18x24s and 8x10s for $50 PLUS free shipping... that's kinda' gigantic! And by gigantic I mean a savings of $100 gigantic! Get it?? As in 66.667% OFF!! OK, just making sure we're clear.

I almost doubled the deal, but I decided that it would be a little overboard. Before we've even moved into our first real home, we'll have SIX hung portraits... that maybe just might be enough for now. Shutterfly was running one of their awesome '101 free prints for no reason!' deals yesterday so I got more small photos for hanging in multi-picture frames. I don't quite know how these people can just give stuff away, but I am not complainin'! I'll take a picture soon as they come in! And I gotta' start shopping for multi-picture frames!

This actually brings up something that just happened this past weekend. Kyle and I linked our bank accounts! This might seem like nothing for some people but it's kind of a big deal for me, because I always find myself feeling very sheepish about how much money I have left in my bank account at the end of the month or how much is in my savings account. Now Kyle can see it. So there's no more "What do you mean you're out of money?" or "How much is really in your savings account?" Now he can see it. I'm not at all saying that I'm one of those people who lies about money, but I think I might have a tendency towards stretching the truth because I'm always kind of embarrassed when I make frivolous purchases or don't budget well. That kind of thing makes me want to fudge the numbers a little when my spouse asks me why I had to put groceries on a credit card (I don't! I'm just saying, I want to). 'They' say some crazy percentage of marriages break up because of money issues. I would never forgive myself if it was my fault. Some might look at this merger as a potential issue while I look at it as a blessing, because I'm the horrible type of person that doesn't have much drive to do certain things correctly until someone's standing over them with a stern look on their face... Shameful I know, but I'm not too good at saving money and Kyle is a-mazing at it.

All I have to say is why save $50 when you could save $100 on an 18x24 and an 8x10 canvas print instead?!?! No more, I promise, baby!

Meanwhile, I've got a conference in California in a week and a half and my interview in a week! So I gotta' get back to work!!

Was linking bank accounts an adjustment for anyone else one way or the other? How did it go??

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  1. Oh thanks for the headsup, now that I'll be getting my photos back soon!!