Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inspiration vs. Reality, part V

Well, here we are, the last segment of our inspiration versus reality inspiration boards...


I saved what I assume is the best for last; me and the man.

I pictured a very editorial feel, but I also recognize that we're not snobby Vogue or Harper's Bazaar models. So I think we ended up with something that had a cool, sort of dramatic flair to it, but that doesn't feel fake.

I've already mentioned... probably a few times... how sad I am that we never made it out onto the balcony. That was kind of a big deal for me, but obviously not the end of the world. Chalk that up to 'there is bound to be something that didn't go perfect.' If that's all I have to complain about, I think I'm in good shape.

Oh, also, I never did get the whole party together for a Vanity Fair-esque shot, but when it came down to it, when the whole bridal party was together, we were all too goofy with each other to do anything that serious. Not too sad about that, it would have been cool, but sometime in my life, for some other event, I will make this happen. It's not over for me!

Anyway, so this is the reality we made of it:
There we are. My sweetie's very photogenic! I'm in love with our photos, our whole day, our photographer, all of it!! Anyone else want me to plan their wedding?? I'm gettin' bored ;) (just kidding, I have lots of work to do, that's why I've been completely absent from the blogosphere for the past few days... I had over 300 Google reader items to go through this morning!)

Anyway, lastly, I've had so much fun with inspiration boards that I think that when we move into the new house, I'm definitely going to go the multi-picture frames to display our wedding photos in our house (and eventually family photos). I just love the multi-picture frames in general:

I love the modern idea, but when I saw the rustic one I loved that too... ohhhh decisions!

I think the best part of this idea is that I could make these myself by connecting several frames... a much less expensive idea. I was amazed at how much these things cost.

I also mention it because it's made it much easier to decide which images are most important for albums, etc... When I focused on one theme; the details or the ceremony or the portraits, and forced myself to only pick out the top ones, it was less overwhelming-one theme at a time.

So instead of ordering 500 pictures and loving every single one but not having anywhere to put them all, I've picked out the top top priority pictures and now I know which will go in albums. I can finally start on albums! Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves though; we still have to finish thank you notes, WHICH HAVE BEEN STARTED! thank you, but are nowhere near done. So much for that taking one weekend :(((

So, let me know what you think of our final inspiration board. Let me know how you felt about your wedding photography after a few months. AND pleeeease let me know what you did to display your wedding photos!

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