Friday, January 14, 2011

Mother of all dresses

Well, as promised, I have posted about bridesmaids dresses and now want to talk about MOB dresses. I am by no means dictating what my mom wears, but I do want to just put a small plea out there...

Please don't let it be this:

Yes yes, ha ha. I know, this is over the top. Truth is, typical mother-of-the-bride dresses are not as bad as they once were. There are more stylish get-ups out there now.

But I think regardless of how ridiculous that woman's hat is (I'm getting a very very strong Edith Wharton vibe...) there is still a bigger problem. I have a problem with the whole jacket thing. I think it looks not only matronly but as if you are intentionally trying to cover something hideous. Now, I should have prefaced this by saying that our wedding is going to be a little less formal, I mean, fine dress up, but no one is wearing tuxes and Elizabethan gowns as guests at the wedding!

Now, I realize that the time of the year itself is going to require cover-ups of some sort, but maybe a shawl or something really sweet and romantic. Ha, I just realized that some might consider that matronly, but I think the vintage/romantic nature of the shawl or shrug or whatever is making it really classic-looking now:

(I'm actually currently making one like this in burgundy)

I know, I'm a sucker for knitting, but it's timeless, and I think it should be the only way anybody covers up!

Not everyone agrees with me, that's totally fine, but if we can just say goodbye to the satin jacket, we can move on to better things!

I mentioned yesterday that some of the ideas I had concerning bridesmaids dresses were going to tie into MOB dresses, well, I was telling the truth.

I want to re-emphasize that Mama, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, I was just looking online to see what was out there, and I was for the most part disappointed. I did find a few dresses though that I thought were appropriate for a b-e-a-utiful, still young MOB like this one:

So this was what I found in the MOB sections:

That's right... don't be scared, it's a one shoulder, but it's awesome! I would be ecstatic to see my mom walk down the aisle in this. I just got word that my sister liked the one shoulder short dress:
Wouldn't that be perfect?!?!


Now, I already know that my mom is probably making that funny noise she makes when she's trying to humor me but is by no means on board, so I did find, like, one? maybe two other dresses?

But they're still not my favorites, my fave is that one shoulder.

This next one is unrelated but I found another modest one shoulder that is a bridesmaids dress but still classy in my opinion for a classy MOB:

Yeah, that's classy. I really really like this one, and I'm reserving it for MOB, if she likes it. The first one is still my fave, but this one is second.

The first, black one shoulder goes really well with the group of bridesmaid dresses I liked (the fabric is similar):

while this one shoulder goes really well with the one shoulder bridesmaids dresses group:

If she does want something a little more modest, I did find another bridesmaids dress that I thought would be perfectly suitable as an MOB dress:

And I love love love that v-neck, on this dress (long) it's elegant but still appropriate.

So anyway, the moral of the story is that I want my Mama to be comfortable and wear what she wants, but I also want her to dress like the cool, hip, with-it, sexy, classy lady that she is!!

Embrace it, Mama!!!

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