Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interwebs. Interwebs good...

I've been trying to describe or express how excited I have become about today's technological advances in the way of picture stuff as it pertains to online stuff. Obviously, eloquence is not my forte, what I'm trying to say though is that whatever I'm trying to say is applicable to post-wedding:

Do any of the younger generation brides remember hearing their parents talk about how expensive thank you notes (I guess only if you do professional calligraphy or something like that) and photo albums and large prints are?
I personally remember dreading post wedding because of these unexpected costs; unexpected because you already spent so much on the wedding, right? I need to fork out more money?? And a lot, at that?! No thanks. Can someone make this easier for me please?

Enter The Internet. We are a lucky generation to have access to all the internet deals that we do, all the weird programs that randomly give you half off deals for NO REASON! All the random websites that give you free stuff just for writing reviews or some other easy dumb thing. The random awesome websites that just give away free stuff for NO REASON just because they were feeling charitable that day. I have to thank a few faceless weirdos-- I mean heroes:

For the best free stuff just for writing reviews: WeddingWire
For the most amazing $100 off deal for wrapped canvas prints: LivingSocial
For amazing wrapped canvas prints: EasyCanvasPrints and fabness
For the best randomness like free pictures for Leap Day and free labels for 'Hey, it's the end of January' day and a free photobook for 'Hey, it's the first day of Spring!' day: SHUTTERFLY!

Are you following me?? I wouldn't be able to do what I've been able to do without these completely random but unquestionably awesome deals and steals. I was able to get Thank You notes from Shutterfly at a great price because they were running a completely random $30 off deal so Thank You notes only cost about $70 or something like that. Wanna' see?
Please excuse all the crap on my coffee table. I am aware of how distracting it is. So, as you can see, we couldn't decide, then I realized we didn't have to, what's wrong with having two designs?? Nothing! So we do. In this same order, I believe I also got free shipping because it was over $30 AND they were also giving away 50 free pictures. So I also got pictures to include for grandparents, etc... So now I'm just feeling guilty that we haven't finished them yet. To be honest, I realized early on that there are a couple gifts that never came with names and so I've been dreading writing thank you notes ever since then :)

Seems silly doesn't it? It is, but then also house hunting has taken up a lot, a lot of time too. Anyway, then as I mentioned above, we also got a couple prints for super cheap and one for free, and one was included in our photography package. Wanna' see the grand total?
Again, sorry for the coffee table clutter, and for the little puppy butt on the left side. Trust me when I say that it's disconcerting looking at gigantic-sized pictures of yourself. It's weird, I try not to get too close to the center one.

ANYWAY, because of internet deals, we got a room's worth of wedding portraiture for under $100!! Basically, it's kind of a big deal, for me at least. We still have to navigate the scary world of albums, but not yet. I keep telling myself that after this little victory, I get to relax for awhile ;)

In the meantime, I'm also working on Inspiration vs. Reality boards. Doesn't that sound promising?! It's gonna' be epic. Ya'll probably have some idea of how my overactive mind works at this point, and when it comes to how I pictured our wedding vs. how our wedding was pictured? I'm tingling with excitement. It's a manic, nervous excitement:
That's what it looks like. Anyway, back to work. I'm hoping we're honing in on our future home. We have had some frustrating times but this past weekend was productive. I can't wait to reveal our new home!!! We have to have one first though, so, until then, I'll be back soon with some pretty boards!

So for all those readin' along, are you already in your permanent home with your hubby or soon-to-be hubby? or are you house hunting too? And if the latter, are you having trouble focusing on anything else?? Where my first time homebuyers at?!

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