Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The closest we've come yet!! part II

In which we discuss what I love about Vera Wang and what my mother doesn't.

Everyone else can be privy to this argument except for Kyle!!

You'll just be bored anyway, Baby!!


Here's our starting point, the one I saw that started the whole fantasy:

Helloooooo Diana!

The argument here is that this dress is not going to be the least bit figure flattering, and even though I am not vain, I do want to show the curves off a little! make the groom sweat just a little!! What I love about it is it's ethereal, forgive my blasphemy, but this is what God would dress his angels in! Ha! Maybe not, but I love how the fabric looks like it was just thrown onto a dress form and allowed to behave the way it wanted to. I believe it's referred to as the ladder technique or something like that?? Vera?? a little help please!

Well, there are a few more that still have the elements I love on the bottom but are a little less... shapeless:

Meet Ethel, Fern, and Fairy Dust, three dresses that may be completely unflattering once they're on me, fine! But you can just see by looking at them that they're going to move beautifully when you walk. They're ethereal, free-spirited, woodsy, carefree, these are all the things I want to be on my wedding day, and in a way, I hope to be able to draw strength from the character of my wedding dress on that day if I start feeling overwhelmed on the inside.

We're not quite done, these last two are my all time favorite Vera dresses!!

Farrah and Erica!! I don't have any words to describe how perfectly these two fit the ideals I've sort of set myself up to. They're not too big, they're not too busy, they hug the figure nicely (which may be more apparent on me, a normal everyday woman as opposed to those stick models), they flow, they've got the wood nymph thing down! I don't think any other words are necessary...

My mom thinks they may be a little costume-y, and I can see her point because they do go a little overboard with the haphazard organza party, but I still don't think these two are so bad in that department. The way the organza lays on the hips is much less "poofy" than in the Diana. I also think that they might look a little more like that in pictures after the styling team is finished with them. You know how a dress never EVER looks the same in pictures as it does on you? And how usually it's a bad thing?? Well, in this case, I think a little less drama is probably what you're going to see in the store compared to in the picture, and that's fine by me!

I guess I can't stress enough that I'm going to go try them on regardless, so let's wait and see! If I can sneak some pictures, I will, which is doubtful, because I'm going by myself :( but we'll have another head to head on dresses once the appointment is over!!

...Didn't I recently post that I was done posting about dresses?? I must just be imagining things. Carry on!!

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