Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ROMA!!!!! part deux

As promised, here are the second half of the photos from Rome!
We went to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's on Tuesday. We spent a lot of time in the museums and the Vatican, but there are so many pictures and so many that are too dark because of the 'no flash' issue that I am only posting a few. This is Kyle's favorite painting, the Hall of Philosophers. In the middle there are Aristotle and Plato.

Here is the only good picture we could get of the Sistine Chapel. See me later, we have loads and loads of video because it was easier to conceal. I know that probably sounds bad, but it seems unfair that you fly halfway around the world and not get any images of it. It's one of the most fantastic artistic wonders of the world, I couldn't not get some footage of it.
We wandered into a wing of the museum where there were hundreds of sarcophagi on display. Kyle and I were just in awe of them. The detail that was preserved and of course the stories they told. Each one usually had a representation of the couple or the person that was in the sarcophagus in the middle, and the representation was surrounded by common Bible stories, like Daniel in the lions' den, Jesus entering Jerusalem, Jesus healing the blind, etc... They were really amazing. The only sad part was when we saw teeny tiny ones for little babies that had died. I didn't take pictures of those.
Here is just another spectacularly preserved sarcophagus.

This is one of the many representations of the crucifixion of Peter.

This is our best panorama of the Vatican that we visited after the museums. Fantastic no matter how many times you see it!

Michaelangelo's Pieta in the Vatican, one of my favorite sculptures! Did you know that Michaelangelo created Mary almost twice the size of Jesus? It's an artistic allusion of sorts so that your eye is drawn to her. Of course it's also so he could put in the detail he needed on her hands and body and robes.
The spectacular alter of the Vatican with the Dove in the center. Too beautiful for words!

Ourt last view of the Vatican as we walked away from it. We took lots more pictures, but I'll be putting them up on my photobucket eventually. I just want to give a sense of our travels here. Now we're walking to the Castel Sant Angelo, the fortress close by in case trouble near the Vatican forced the pope to find safety. The walls are about 10 feet thick and very well protected:

You're not getting in there if they don't want you in there.

Let's not forget the Bridge of Angels, again by Bernini, the pedestrian walkway that leads to the castle. It's amazing how he carved the beautiful statues that adorn such an intimidating edifice. Like, it would be tacky if it wasn't Ancient Rome.
We got to visit Castel Sant Angelo at night, which was so eerie and authentic in that we felt it was how you would experience it if you were a prisoner there or if a battle was going on. The interior was all rough stone and deliciously creepy. This was the view of the Vatican from the top of the castle.

And watching over all is the Archangel Michael, ready to strike at the enemies of the faithful. Pretty fantastic right?!

One of the resotred battle stations with all the canons and cannonballs that would be on hand to blast the enemies!

Finally, one of the coolest finds of our trip! We found the infamous Passetto. The secret passageway between the castle and the Vaitcan. Now, it wasn't so secret, it's not like it was roped off or anything or hard to find. Maybe it's not the one that Dan Brown talks about in Angels and Demons, but it's definitely a bridge between the two structures. It was narrow and very creepy, mostly covered and dark and dank. We followed it halfway to the Vatican before it was roped off. We were both tempted to jump the rope, but I didn't want to get arrested... I have video of this too, it was spectacular and thrilling. Definitely one of my favorite moments of the trip.

Now, I know I promised all of the rest of the pictures, but I will have to add a part three tomorrow because I am now fully introduced to Kyle's cold, which he gave to me as thanks for taking care of him when he had it. Just kidding, baby! But really, I feel like poo and it's getting late. I promise to post our last day in Rome tomorrow.

One other small note, we also met with our two photographers and I hate to leave anyone in suspense, but I will devote a whole post to it. All I can say now is I have a lot of thinking to do... Shea and Ben have left us with an immensely difficult decision. Pros and Cons tomorrow!

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