Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dresses... for a change

M'kay, I think about dresses pretty much all the freakin' time. I don't get dressed up often, so for me, from the start, I was most excited about dresses because I was going to go all out, get the best dress (in my own opinion) that I could find!

Oh, by the way...

Kyle, Baby, GO AWAY!!

So, if he's gone, we can continue... funny story real quick, he told me the other day that he wasn't reading my blog at all because he thought he wasn't allowed to. Now I would never force it on him, but I laughed at him and told him oh, sweetie, you'll know which posts you're not allowed to read.

Anywho, I thought I had this whole dress thing figured out, I already touched on it before and had decided that since it was going to be here and not in Hawaii, I wanted a rustic, flowing, running-through-the-woods dress that looked a little haphazard, asymmetrical and accidental. Well, I've only ever been able to get across the asymmetrical part, so I've ended up with this:

As the only dress that comes anywhere close to what I think I want. But there was still a major nagging in the back of my head that this wasn't it. I did some more digging on the Pronovias website thinking that if this was the designer of the dress I liked most so far, maybe they would be on the right track to really have the dress I was looking for. I did find a few more that I would really like to try on:

This one is covered in organza and so looks a little more organic, not so shiny and put-together.

And these two are both covered in organza and also have a little more of a haphazard look to them. I like that the eye doesn't know where to go, there's stuff going on everywhere! It's exciting and different! BUT, in the back of my mind, although I am going to try these on still, I was still convinced I was moving away from what I had originally wanted because I assumed it didn't exist. Well, thank God for all the blogs I read! Take a gander:

Say hello to Pallas Couture! Specifically, the Pallas dress on the left. It's organic, it's carefree, it's gorgeous, and it has that just got out of the woods look I really really want. Problem? Yeah, Pallas Couture is based in Australia... only in Australia. I could look at these dresses all day. I love the skirt on the left dress with the top on the right dress.

I was determined, however, to not give up now that I had found that what I wanted actually did exist, it can't just exist in Australia! Where do all good little girls go to get their fashion prayers answered? Why to Ms. Wang of course!

I am in love with this style of haphazard organza. I thought I was before, but now I really am, and it makes me feel better about myself because I thought I was being indecisive! I kept saying to myself "C'mon now, really? What's wrong with all the dresses you tried on? Why can't you pick one?!" I'm not going crazy, I'm not being indecisive, I wanted one of these dresses from the start, I just hadn't found them yet!

Now, here's the only problem, I can't afford Vera Wang! Also, I'll have to run all over the place trying to find Vera because not many places carry her designs... but even if I could find them, let's not forget, I CAN'T AFFORD THEM.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed though, it took me this long to really put my finger on what I want, so maybe now that I know what it is, it's just a matter of saying something to one of my bridal consultants and maybe they'll have something similar by someone else that'll be less expensive, not to mention easier to find. If not, it looks like I might have to trek to New York to somehow find a decently priced Vera at one of the many places there that claim to carry her designs. How about you just wish me luck and I won't have to go through that! I won't be posting about dresses anymore until I find it! I'm determined! I know this is what I want now, so there's nothing more to say...

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