Monday, November 22, 2010

The closest we've come yet!!

The thesis committee meeting is OVER!!! It went really well and I am on track to graduate with a freakin PhD in about 9 to 10 months. Now, back to work!!
But also importantly, I can now devote a little of my thoughts each day to WEDDING PLANNING!!!

I want to note right off the bat that I've been still agonizing over this wedding dress dilemma...

Not sure if this is necessary anymore... but

You guessed it, this is not a post for you Baby cakes!

I still love you though!

I did some more wedding dress shopping this past weekend with my mom, my two grandmothers, my sister, and Mia, my kind-of MOH. Mia, very sneakily, managed to secure some pictures of wedding dresses but I'm scared to post them, not because of Kyle, but just because it feels weird to post pictures of me in a dress. But I feel the need to show that something is happening!! And I'm thrilled at the fact that Mia was sneaky enough to get pictures.

We had the most successful dress shopping trip yet! Elena of Bridals by Elena in Severna Park, MD was a master! She pinned me up so well in those dresses that I even looked great in the ones five sizes too big for me! Just with a bunch of pins, instead of those crappy jumper cable things they use. Well, we found two facvorites, bear in mind, one of these may be the one:

BAM, there she is, the second favorite dress. It encompasses everything I originally thought I wanted in a wedding gown: asymmetrical waist, exposed tulle, NO beading! It needs straps and I'd like it ivory or champagne as opposed to white, but it was really flattering. Lastly, it was a little bit too big...

And WHAM: an unlikely favorite in this Martina Liana. It also has an asymmetrical waistline, it's really flattering, the fabric feels great and looks great: it's Dupioni silk which is not too shiny. It's a great color, a champagne, I loved the way the fabric was bunched, even the flowers on the skirt(!) and most importantly, that it wasn't too big and poufy.

Lastly, for the first time, I felt like I could see this dress in my venue. For the first time, I felt like I could start to see myself walking down the aisle. The back was spectacular; the train wasn't too long, and the fabric swirled around a couple more roses in such an interesting way...

I can't help but feel a little nag in the back of my mind (and right now, my mom's rolling her eyes) because I'm so in love with the Vera Wang dresses.

It's not just because I'm stubborn, I already scheduled an appointment to try on some Vera Wang dresses, so I didn't want to make the final decision yet anyway, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I believe I will regret not at least trying them on. I can also show you exactly why I still want to try on something that's a little more whimsical and flowing:

Loooookkk hoooow preeeeeetttyyyyy!!!

This free-spirited little bit of inspiration feels so uplifting! That's how I feel about the Vera Wang dresses.

The issue now becomes that my mom is no longer on board with the Vera Wang dresses, she thinks I'm not going to like them once I try them on. In her defense, she may be completely correct, but now that I have the appointment, I just HAVE to go and play dress-up once more!

So keep this image in mind, because it embodies why I wanted a flowing dress in the first place. I'll post Vera dresses (more!!) tomorrow.

For now, MUST get to bed!!

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