Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You're Invited!!!

That's right! This is my first invitation post!! I'm excited about invitations and I'll tell you why!

I had no idea what we were going to do with invitations but I knew they could not look like this:


As you could probably imagine by now, I'm into 'rustic.' If I could pick a theme, that would be it. Big shocker! I know it's not particularly unique, but who cares, not many can come up with all their own ideas that no one else has ever had EVER.

Anyway, white would never do, I don't want anything at the wedding to be white white. So I looked for anything rustic. I went on weddingpaperdivas and this was pretty much the first thing I saw:

(fake info)

I like the color of the paper and the way the edges of the invite look like they've got grass stains on them. You've got to understand, I still roll around in the mud and get grass stains on all my jeans, these things speak to me!

I ALSO found some great inspiration on various blogs and random google image searches:
Don't you love?! I love the minimalist effects (ha! at least on the one on the left, the one on the right is a bit much maybe), the worn-looking corners. Just love it! I also love the details on the sides, not big showy roses or something, but small, unassuming, non-showy flowers and leaves. So very quaint!

I got the brilliant idea that I needn't spend as much money as I hear people spend on invites, I can make them! Now, everyone thinks I'm crazy but hear me out:

You can buy that old, crackly "parchment paper"cardstock online. I've got stamps and ink pads (thanks Mia!). I'm a decent sketcher/painter/calligrapher, and a good printer (like the one Kyle has at work ;)) will take care of the text. Soooo, where's the issue?? I've got blending pencils and water color pencils and all sorts of things to try to achieve the grass stain look, and the stamps I happen to have have some really nice flowers, flower buds, and leaves, and I've got calligraphy markers for vines or grass or whatever!!

I'm still trying to hunt down the right weight parchment paper, but when I find it, I cannot wait to do a mock-up and I cannot WAIT to show everyone!!

So, naysayers, sit back and watch, I'll show you. It'll be awesome!!

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  1. haha. good luck! I can't wait to see how they turn out :D