Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And then it was gone

I put my wonderful but just not right wedding gown up on's classifieds site 5 days ago. I recognize that these things take time BUT I was getting nervous. See, I put the dress on weddingbee because it's a harmless, training wheels classifieds place. Not too serious, just wanted to put it out there, see if there were any nibbles. More serious sites like is a for serious wedding gown classifieds site. I mean, all they do is sell wedding dresses... it's completely dedicated to unloading your wedding gown. There's also a $25 fee to put your wedding dress up there, that's serious!

Well, as I said, I was getting nervous that no one seemed to be interested, so I went ahead and put the dress up on's classifieds site. It's also a blog that happens to have a classifieds tab. Still not too serious, but a little more... business, they actually ask for the dress info, size, measurements, etc... Yeah, I put the dress up there yesterday. I got an e-mail this morning from a woman in California... she was willing to pay my asking price as long as she gets free shipping. I said OK, and gave her my PayPal info. SHE SENT ME THE MONEY THIS AFTERNOON! I figure it'll take her a few days to figure out the money or figure out her feelings. Nope, that girl got me paid!

I lost $87 from PayPal fees, but I consider it the dumba$$ tax for buying a dress and not being ready to buy it. I know that it kind of seems like $87 could have been used for a DIY project or something, but then I say 'Oh yeah! The dress I'm getting instead saves me $1800!' That's the difference between a great cake and Betty Crocker box cake, the difference between a great bouquet and some weeds I pick from my parents' yard, the difference between a $200/night honeymoon and a $400/night honeymoon resort (especially because it's Kyle's money!)!!!

All of a sudden, I have to ship a dress! That's awesome! And this weight is now off my shoulders. I'm short $87 BUT I'm back to square one, no longer in debt with a dress that wasn't right for me. *Sigh* It just feels  like a relief. I've never been so happy to be right back where I started!

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  1. Congrats on being able to sell your dress! I can't even imagine how big of a relief that must be. $87 is a small price to pay for your ultimate happiness and satisfaction on your wedding day, IMO ;)