Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DIY invitation contest


I meant to say something about this in my first post of the morning and forgot, but I recently saw a blog post about a DIY invitation contest... I know! How perfect, right? It just so happens that the one thing I've been feeling most confident about DIY-ing I then hear about a contest for!

Well, I submitted my design and it's been posted on the DIY invitations website.

I gave my invitations the name Rustic Chocolate... kinda' like Mystic Pizza or Steel Magnolias. I am such a dork and apparently a huge Julia Roberts fan! (I'm really not... at all!)

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. Not sure who of my lovely readers/subscribers/followers is also getting hitched, but if you are also DIY-ing and creative and would like to submit your design, you have until April 30th and the link to submit is here.

The prizes are actually really only so so, but still good, I was just really excited that someone had a contest for DIY invitations and that the point was sharing your creativity with other... not so creatively gifted brides-to-be (Not that I'm getting on my high horse; that's what they say the contest is for! You can say my stuff's not creative, I'm not judging!)

Also, I have no idea how they're picking a winner, I think they have judges, but my lovely friends and family can also rate and comment on my entry, so if you feel like it, check it out. But you don't have to, because you've actually already seen all the pictures...


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