Thursday, February 10, 2011

The suspense is killing me

It's times like these that I think maybe I shouldn't be blogging... maybe this stuff is better left in my head.

Keri and I went to David's Bridal and I tried on the new Vera Wang White collection...

It's funny I keep doing this because Kyle doesn't read my blog as far as I know, but nonetheless:


Go away, for the last time

You can read anything else from this point on, but for now

Go away... Gimme a few minutes and I'll make you a sammich

People, we have an official dilemma:

Diana: She's gorgeous, she feels fantastic (the inner lining is sooooo soft and silky). She's exquisitely crafted, she's unique, she's elegant.

She's also a sample, a little rough around the edges. She's huge, I feel a little swallowed up in her. She's a lotta dress. She was expensive considering the shape she's in, which is still great, but not tip top.

I'm only having these second thoughts because I feel like I cheated myself out of my "dream dress" to save money.

But she is still the style I love, the look I love.

Can you predict where the dilemma comes from?

Does anyone care to know what White by Vera Wang dress has caused my heart to skip a beat?

Can you believe it?! The pink one! I tried it on in ivory, much better than pink. So, it doesn't have a sweetheart neckline, but was still modestly flattering to the bosom, and everything stayed in place. In pictures, the dropped waist looked too far dropped, but actually, it was perfect, elongated the torso and slimmed the waist. Also, the one thing I was most pleasantly surprised by, remember when I said the top was too plain for the skirt? Well, the top actually had a very very pleasing assymetric slope to the ruching that you can't see in any of the picutres. And this was perfect.

(sorry for no photos, but Keri and I both forgot a camera)

I don't want to gush too much, because I could go on and on, rationalizing this, weighing pros and cons, but the long and short of it is, I really think I like this dress more than the Diana...

I feel shaken even writing it out, admitting it. Maybe I like them both the same, the quality of the fabric on the David's Bridal gown was almost as good as the Diana. But I like the David's Bridal gown enough to be seriously contemplating putting the Diana up on or some other classifieds site.

I think I know what some of you must be thinking, because I definitely admit that I've thought it too: Will she ever be satisfied?! I felt less stressed/nervous/desperate at David's Bridal today. I felt like I fit better into the David's Bridal gown, and I felt more at ease in it. In short, when I left the store, I didn't feel any nagging doubts anymore. The last doubt with the Diana was that it was too much dress for me, and the David's Bridal gown was more complimentary, we were the right size for each other.

Can you believe Mia was right ?!?!?! (she told me to wait on the Vera Wang dresses until I saw the David's Bridal dresses... yeah). I'm actually really ticked I didn't listen because whatever the decision ends up being, there wouldn't already be money put down.

Anyway, I'm still confident I'll be able to sell the Diana if I decide that's what's right or clean and alter her if that's what's right. But I feel like I really bungled this one... Advice??

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