Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boleros make everything better

The title of this post does not imply what you might think. I've already mentioned that I am currently knitting a swanky shawl:

It goes a little something like this!

BUT, I saw some fabulous boleros from Anthropologie's new wedding line and was all of a sudden, kind of smitten:

So of course it made me question why I like them, because the style is not one I frequently flaunt.

Goodness, does that even make sense? I liked them, I was struck by them, but I would never wear them. I figured out that it's the weathered, sort of dragged-through-the-dirt look about them. They look almost like hand-me-downs from your great great aunt.

For some reason, I love that look. I think it has to do with everything new and sparkly being associated with sparkle, fake rhinestones, sequins, satin... all things I despise. See, I'm not a "cute" person, I like to think I'm moderately good-looking, but not in a "cute" way. I have sort of jagged features, severe if you will, and what this means... to me... is that when I wear "cute" clothes, I look like I'm trying way way too hard. My Vera dress is not cute, the raw edges make it look jagged, severe... we were made for each other.

So I like things that are also kind of jagged, unfinished, raw, kind of dirty-looking. A thought struck me, my sample dress is kinda' just like that. I am at work right now but when I get home I will take a close up picture of it to show you what I mean. It looks more like me, unkempt and dusty. Now, this makes me feel better about the dress, (but I am still going to David's Bridal tonight) but it does make it more apparent that the problem I'm having with the dress right now is that it's too big, and that makes me feel like I'm swimming in it and that it's going to make me look fat.

Well, there's just nothing I can do about that until I go to a seamstress and talk about what can be done. Maybe I find one that works miracles. The point is that I am less nervous about the fact that... for a hot minute there I thought I had made this huge, non-refundable mistake.

Next up: shoes and hair!

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