Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ultimate Wedding Contest

I would like to take a tiny tiny moment to talk about registries, especially because I was very against them in the beginning (I actually still am, but, I'm getting to that). I believe that having a registry is like saying "Only come to my wedding if you're going to buy me something, and even if you don't come to my wedding, you should still buy me something, because I was nice enough to invite you." You always have to end your bridal shower invites with "The bride/couple is registered here, here, and here" or include it in your website reminding everyone that 'hello, you need to buy them something!'

Maybe the problem is that I see it as being spoiled, but I do recognize also that it's customary and a really kind gesture from friends and family to want to shower you with gifts to express their love. I, however, get really stressed when it comes to registry stuff because I'm like "how the hell does this work??" I hate it when people just say "Oh she's registered at Bath and Body Works."

Wha--??? What's that got to do with me?! What do I do now?? It's stressful to me and I also don't like having to pick from a list of things what to get someone.

HOWEVER! I firmly recognize that if there weren't registries, all your loving family members that don't want to give you impersonal cash will end up getting you a whole bunch of toasters, blenders, and table cloths if they don't have a list of stuff to choose from. So I went ahead and made a stereotypical registry at Crate and Barrel just because there's also a $100,000 contest that goes along with it:

Hey! Lookie who's the third entry on the list! If anyone is interested (and I can promise that if I win, I'll get everyone some ridiculously overpriced Crate and Barrel items) head on over to Crate and Barrel's contest page and vote for us!

$200 dining room chairs! That's all I have to say about that! We're also considering other registry options because what we really need to start our life together is big money for house payments, new furniture, and future babies! What's the point of getting a mess of blenders and toasters if you're stuck in the same small crappy townhouse that's overflowing with stuff as it is?!

Enter Deposit-a-gift!

It's a registry you set up by just entering in what you want: A house, new furniture, a honeymoon, a new car, and entering the value. Your family and friends then deposit money into your deposit-a-gift account and they can pick what they want the money to go towards. But the great thing is, in the end, it's still cash, cold hard cash, but your family and friends can feel like they're contributing to something that you really want; something that actually has meaning; something that you actually have real use for. And to make it even better, every time we walk into our new home, we'll remember all the loved ones who helped us get there as opposed to how we'll feel about the third toaster we received collecting dust in the basement or worse; given away/sold. (Bonus! You can use it for baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, ANYTHING!)

In the end, I'm still opposed to registries, but I do accept that it's an honor and not being spoiled or rude to accept gifts from family and loved ones... but please, no toasters or blenders!

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