Thursday, September 23, 2010

Location Update!!

OK! So I have been to more places than I care to count, some I am embarrassed to have gone and visited, in hindsight that is. There was no way for me to know exactly what I was going to love until I walked right up to it and it slapped me in the face. Well, guess what slapped me in the face:

RIVERDALE MANOR!!! The problem: no availability until Thanksgiving weekend 2011!! But how can I say no to this place?!

Check out my videos!! Here is the outside:

Here is the outside close-up of the different structures:

Inside the pavilion with Maureen, the wedding coordinator (and my Mama!):

The back porch for cocktails:

Very importantly; inside the reception hall aka the ballroom:

This hallway leads from the reception hall to the farmhouse, an historic building on the property where the bride and groom will be getting ready. The hallway is adorable, that's why I have to show it, also, it's  the alternate location for cocktail hour in the case of inclement weather. Cocktail hour would also spill into the farmhouse where hors d'oeuvres will be laid out. I didn't take footage of the farmhouse... and in reality, that just makes me look like a dumbass:

Shots of the outdoor ceremony sites, which we would not use in late November, but here they are anyway, and check out the egret and the blue heron that came to watch!:

Lastly, panoramic views of the farmhouse, the hallway, the reception hall, and the Sycamore ceremony site (the pavilion is hidden by trees, but it's right next to the reception hall... that place with the great big gorgeous windows!):

So in short, how can I say no? It gave me that feeling I felt I was supposed to feel, finally, the feeling that I could start to envision our wedding there. The rental price goes down in November and it goes down even further if we have the wedding on Friday, November 25th (as opposed to Saturday the 26th). There is no catering minimum we have to hit, and Maureen was ready with several photos of late November weddings that looked great. I think I will miss some of the foliage, but it won't be totally gone (just mostly, haha). And I started thinking about the fact that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and always associating my wedding with my favorite holiday is a lucky thing most people probably don't get to do. Now, the only problem is, will Kyle always associate our wedding with the Friday after Thanksgiving or will he actually remember the date ; P Just kidding babe! Actually, I'll tell you the only problem, how many of my hunter relatives are going to give me a hard time over this??? You could not come.

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