Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off to the races

Now, I think it should go without saying that I've been looking at wedding dresses for awhile now. But in my defense, I have not been planning my wedding since I was 4. I was too busy eating dirt and scraping my knees trying to keep up with the boys in my neighborhood. I met a sweet sweet young woman named Danielle who worked in the lab next to mine and she introduced me to Kleinfeld so it wasn't my doing. She directed me to their website and explained to me how to set up an account and pick wedding dresses. Anyway, that's beside the point, I didn't know how to plan a wedding. That's the point. Soon after the engagement, a fellow engaged woman told me about the knot so that's where I started. I loved how they listed so many vendors and I could set a date and it would count down for me, it has a budget calculator, and a monthly checklist. Whew, fun fun fun!!

OK, soooo, the first thing I did was call my mom and say "Mom!! We want to get married in Hawaii!!"

I know, right?!

Yeah, that lasted about 5 minutes. My mom made it clear that that was going to be impossible because there was no way certain people were going to able to make it. Looooong story short, she made me understand that the wedding is for the family... not for me. Well, for me too, but that it would be incomplete without a full family present. Kyle still doesn't agree, but that's just because in Hawaii, they do everything for you. Doing the wedding here automatically meant now we have to find a location, find a photographer, find a caterer, a florist, a DJ. Ugh. But hey, the knot exists for a reason!

So now I get to start really planning a wedding...

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