Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Battle of the Suits; or a few more reasons my man is awesome

I don't like to ask too much of people, especially not my overworked fiance, but every now and then, it's impossible not to ask for help. There are certain things that other people are better able or suited to do. Kyle was better able to print our return address on our envelopes because he has a bangin' printer at work.

Everyone suggested just printing onto labels, but I needed to be difficult right? Our return address, the way I just had to have it, is too big for most return address labels:
Next, add the fact that I wanted the label to go on the back flap of the envelope, a-like so:
I made it abundantly clear that if the printer would not take the envelopes or if it didn't center then he should give up, I would shrink the font down, and just print labels. See, Kyle refuses to take an hour out of his work day to screw off and do wedding stuff, so he did all this after five, and it took him TWO HOURS to format the computer and printer to cooperate with the envelopes (because he also refused to give up). I am so sorry I don't have a picture, but he sent me a picture text, and my dumb technologically-challenged butt can't figure out how to e-mail a picture text to myself... or move it at all for that matter. ANYWAY, they turned out perfect, he just didn't get home from work until 8:30 last night. I felt like a real jerk... NOT because I ask him to do too much, because I really have tried not to, but because the one thing I did ask him to do kept him at work for an extra 2.5 hours last night. Bad fiancee!

Then, he gets home and there's a box under his arm... a box of SUITS!!

To recap, here's the first suit:
Rich brown online (Men's Warehouse), too dark in the shade, perfect in the sunlight. If you'll recall, I did not mind this suit, plus it feels great, it feels expensive and quality-made.......... It's just a little bit too dark. It was like dark chocolate and I was looking for milk chocolate. So then we stumbled across this on Men's Warehouse:
And we said 'yes, that's it, that's still chocolate but lighter.'

Only problem is, it's called "Taupe" which is definitely open to interpretation; everything from tan to brown to olive. But for the most part, we reasoned that Men's Warehouse pictures are pretty accurate. So he ordered the taupe suits as well.

Well, they came yesterday (like I said, Kyle didn't get home till 8:30, so there was no sunlight to be had) but since he was so keen on going to bed early after a very long day, I didn't bug him about taking pictures either. Plus, he was trying on suit jackets in his boxers... forgive me if I don't post pictures of that...

Needless to say, after comparing them side by side and not being able to really make up our minds, Kyle went the whole nine yards an put on a cream-colored button down shirt AND a tie and put each jacket on in turn. All of a sudden, the olive highlights in the taupe started shining through and were garishly obvious. The dark chocolate suit, once against his skin tone and a cream-colored shirt, all of a sudden looked perfect. PLUS he loved the feel of the first suit, he said it felt more expensive and high quality... I told you.

VERY LONG story short (if you're still reading, thanks) our choice became very clear. We both started nodding (and I might have gasped again) when the dark chocolate suit went on. So it's bye bye taupe, hello dark chocolate. In certain lights, it's still too dark, but in the majority of cases now, I'm very very happy with it.

Phew, so, after much agonizing, we have a suit, and it was the first one all along (ain't that always the way!)

Perhaps I will be able to get Kyle to play dress up for me again some time. Here's my last dilemma then: do I trust myself to hem the pants? or do we take the suits to Men's Warehouse and have them do it? I do have moderate sewing skills, not expert but not beginner. What say you??

Also I finished addressing envelopes!! I only have to apply our wax seal to the inner envelopes, stuff into outer envelopes and SEND!!!

Sorry I've been so lackluster at taking pictures lately, but things are happening a lot more quickly than I could have thought possible and it's hard to keep up! But that's a good thing right?

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  1. Such an awesome, sweet fiancé! I'm super impressed that he got everything to line up just right with the envelopes - I bet they look amazing!