Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A decision

After talking with two out of three bridesmaids (I'm too lazy to do anything other than gmail or gchat. You want to talk to me, you better be signed in) and we've collectively come to a decision. I also talked to the man last night who took time out to listen to me blabber on and on and on about hair and makeup and about the options I posted about yesterday.

As of right now, our game plan is going to be go to the salon in the morning and get our hair done and then have a makeup artist come to the venue to do our makeup closer to the wedding start time. What is that, option 2?

I still have to talk to the salon to iron out these details, but in the meantime... INSPIRATION!!

This is what sister Jordan wants:

I instantly saw the merit in this because we could have cohesion amongst the girls even if they have different hair lengths. So since I can't keep track of how long anyone's hair is, I like this for all three of the girls. Unless Mia messes everything up by chopping her hair off, which she randomly decides to do every now and then. Mia, don't do that.

I found some more that I like even more after that:


My favorites are Kristen Bell's and Lauren Conrad, so those are the two I am going to show to the salon. Mia and my sister's hair is very cooperative but Keri's hair does not like to hold curls. The good thing about these styles is that they don't have to be curled. Jennifer Garner's look is not really curled, maybe moussed to give it that scrunched, just-got-out-of-bed look. Same with Uma Thurman's look. I think either of those would work for Keri. Even Kristen's look would work with straight hair or moussed hair.

This brings me to makeup. I have a new style icon, but I hate to admit to it. She's my most love-to-hate-her celebrity icon:

That's right, Keira Knightley. I just wanna' tell her to close her mouth and put her head down, and open her eyes a little bit more... and eat a damn cheeseburger! But I love her makeup.

Even, on occasion, her hair:

This might be one of my favorite of her looks, but with just a touch more color added to the cheeks.

Here's my favorite of her looks for the bridesmaids, along with this one to the left:

Still a little drama to the eyes but not so overwhelmingly dramatic. And most importantly it's clean and simple, with a good lip and cheek color.

As far as my look is concerned, that I'm experiencing a lot more indecision over:


I would like more drama please! I want a smokier eye and a slightly darker lip. I can't decide though if I want to go full out smoky eye like the next to the last image or a little less smoky like the last image. I also really like the use of color in the third to the last image.

Regardless, I think this is a good place to start. I know I've been all over the place, but I think Keira presents a much more unified idea of what I want to look like at the wedding; nothing fancy but the eyes.

Hair should be carefree, not look too put together, I don't want massive amounts of gel, mousse, or hairspray. I'm showing you all of these images of course, but I am going to pick only a few loose updos and only a couple makeup pictures to show to the salon because I think I've already narrowed my choices down exactly as I just laid out to you.

Kyle will be happy, he loves Keira Knightley, but I refuse to say my vows with a British accent while showing too much teeth:
I know I know, that's unfair, but she cracks me up when she talks.

Anyway, who is your style icon? How did you decide how to wear your hair and makeup?

People have started getting invitations (yay!!!) and I've gotten a lot of compliments. Thanks! I'll be posting a full invitation reveal hopefully tomorrow.


  1. I like the Keira Knightley updo a lot - my hair could totally do that if we put enough junk in it. As long as it's messy it should be ok if it's not totally cooperating.

    Any way you could do a trial run or two with whoever you want to do your makeup? I think you should see how you'll actually look with the crazy smoky eye and whatnot.....but all of the ideas you put up there look good!

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  3. Ohh Kiera Knightly, I have a definite girl crush on her. I don't think she can ever really look bad. As for the hairstyles, I'm kind of loving Kristen Bell's, but they all look super swanky and gorg.