Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Much better

After some Sudafed Sinus Headache and a good night sleep, I am feeling 50 million times better today. Last night, it took a few hours to not feel so crappy and nasty...
No, it wasn't that bad, unless you actually crossed my path. But then I started feeling normal and actually got a lot done (it is amazing how much you can get done when you're completely and totally lonely and bored). I got three more yarn orbs done:

Inspiration versus reality...

I started stringing up the burlap bunting:
Yay!! When I talked to the man yesterday and he asked me what I was up to and I tried describing this to him, he got very confused, but he still seemed receptive; see, I don't want this to start being too kitschy/carnival-ly/childish, so I need some feedback as to whether ya'll think this would look rustic on the cake table or just silly.

I got some knitting done:

Please excuse my old people pillows and wrinkled sofa cover.

It's about 4 feet long now and I was hoping for more like 5-6 feet. Thankfully, when I set my mind to it, I can get a few inches done a night, 6 inches on a weekend day. I started out slow and steady in the beginning, it took me almost a year to do 3 feet (jeepers!), but then when I took a gander at my timeline I got another foot done in two weeks.

Point is, gimme a month, this sucker will be toast! Did I mention I love the color, although it doesn't come through correctly in this picture, so I took another:

Not only can you see the pattern (simple knit-purl block) but this picture much more clearly represents the color. Not sure why it's coming out so cranberry above, it's much more blackberry in real life.

Anywhozits, we also got our very first RSVP!!! Yippee!! Now, I'm not opening any until the man gets home, not only do I want him to be here, but I also hope to have a nice little pile to open all at once. Anyway, first RSVP goes to my aunt and uncle in Virginia!!
Hopefully they're coming ;) I have already resigned myself to the reality of the fact that not everyone is going to make it, but it will still be a bummer to get that first no.

Lastly, I wanted to vent about something that's officially the first thing that's stressed me out a little bit about wedding planning... the fun to do list and the not fun to do list. The fun to do list is pretty self-explanatory, it's full of crafty things and blingy things and things that require little effort or little money or little thought. I realized, now that we've hit the two month mark, that another to do list has to be created, the not fun to do list. I'm scared of this one, why? Because it's full of things that require decisions! or money! or research! Ahh!! These things are going to seem silly, but bear with me:

  • Parents' gifts - no clue what to get them (except my mom ;) heehee)
  • Attendant gifts - some clue, but still mostly clueless
  • Hotel booking - just plain lazy
  • Marriage license - no big deal, you say? Well, it is when your fiance is divorced and you have no idea what the state of Pennsylvania means when they ask for a "divorce decree" and you're a little upset that your fiance, you know, the one whose divorce it is, doesn't know whether or not he has any proof that the divorce has been decreed.
  • Bridesmaids accessories... ohmigod shoes!
  • Lots and lots of big checks to write soon... :-/
Not sure yet but I will probably be adding to this not fun list. Anyway, the point is, I'm getting a very small taste of why brides-to-be get stressed. However, with the exception of the divorce decree, everything on this list is really not so big a deal, but does require attention soon. My stress level is still only at about a 3, but two months will quickly dissolve into one month, and then one week, and then one day. Wish me luck, pretty please!

Do you have a to do list that you display proudly? with all the crossings out and ambitious, impressive things? and another that you shamefully hide away? because nothing on it is getting done??


  1. lol Glad you feel better! Yay for first RSVP! I need to send mine back to my friend! I should know better to not hold on to it! I'm just lazy! Good luck with the not so fun list!

  2. those yarn orbs are amazing!! CAn't wait to see what you do with them!
    Things def. get stressfull but when push comes to shove, you'll get everything done, because you have to...and get your fiance's butt kicking on figuring out if he has the decree! He should def. take initiative on that one...and it's prob. not as difficult as he thinks it is to figure out.