Monday, September 26, 2011


I've not been in this bad a mood in quite some time. I've got some sort of weird sinus headache; my head, neck, eyes, and ears hurt. Kyle is in Russia! And science isn't my friend these days. Retail therapy anyone?

I just found these Badgley Mischka's marked down from $200 to $68 on Amazon. I had to buy them, on general principle. I'm sure I'll regret it but with free two day shipping on Amazon Prime, this is a no risk situation for me, and I need something pretty.

That's completely wedding-UNrelated. So, on to something that is wedding-related...




If that can't bring me out of the funk, I don't know what can. I got a lot of good stuff done this weekend... but not yarn orbs...

I don't know why I can't muster up the motivation to get more of those things made! But I have to. The knitting is going along very well, and it just occurred to me the other night that I have never shown you the progress on my shawl! I'm so sorry. I am going to take some pictures tonight. I also finished a task that I forgot to put on my to do list in the first place (and then forgot to take pictures)!

My whole living room still smells like vanilla beans as I spent this weekend tying two beans together with twine to go on top of each guest's napkin at the reception. It'll look good, trust me. I'm slowly seeing the table coming together, but still can't figure out the color of the linens. Mayhaps you can help! The ladies are in burgundy, so that's out, the men are in chocolate brown, so that's out. There will be burlap squares in the center of each table (about 2 feet by 2 feet... they're finished by the way!), then a wood slab on top of each burlap square, and moss strewn around the slab. There will be amber-colored wine bottles and off-white candles, wheat stalks and burgundy calla lilies in the wine bottles and guinea hen feathers in the moss. The vanilla beans will sit on top of each napkin. I can see most of it so clearly, but I still can't figure out what color to have the linens as.

Kinda' looks like this, but add moss and burlap, and a wine bottle. Oh, did I mention, white/off-white is completely out because the whole ballroom is white... Limits the options a tad. Which sucks because that was what I was going to pick... if it hadn't been for the white walls... I'm frustrated by the fact that I can't see it come together in my head...

I'm frustrated by hair and makeup because the more I look at the hairstyles that I like the most the more I feel that anyone could do these hairstyles in their bathrooms before the wedding (please don't misinterpret me, that's the way I want the looks! I'm not upset with the looks, just the price tag of paying someone to do a hairstyle that I could do).
I love these looks, but when people tell you they dropped $75+ on a hairstyle, you expect something a little more like this:

Yeah, I'd pay $75 for that, but I don't want that. Bridesmaid Keri brought up the possibility of playing with each other's hair at the bridal shower. Yeah, I'm game. That picture of Kristen even came with a tutorial. And Keri, if you really think your hair might still not cooperate, I found a tutorial for DIY curls, that can't hurt to try. With the right hairspray or mousse or something, any hair will curl... maybe... hopefully.

I know what it seems like; cheapskate Ashley is too cheap to shell out the money for hairstyles... No, I'm actually not, at all. But I almost feel that the fuss that's going to be made when a professional does the hair is actually going to make it look too polished... There's also the time thing. I feel like a professional would fuss and fuss over those hairstyles and take an hour, at least. Unnecessary!! Erroneous!!! Uncalledfor! (not a word?? what do you mean not a word?!) These looks are supposed to look hastily put together... like you just got done tumbling in a barn, and then had to be in a wedding... get it??? Anyway, must play with hair!

Furthermore, I have no problem paying for makeup; my desire to DIY my makeup comes from my desire to DIY my makeup... period. Exclamation mark! I just like the idea of it, I like the pictures of brides doing their own makeup:

Yeah, OK, fine, I couldn't find the picture of her doing her makeup - although I know I've seen it - but she's the famousest (another non-word?? what is wrong with the English language?!) person I know of who did their own makeup. It was no big deal for her. She was all like "Bring it on!!"

Anyway, I'll stop there, I'm getting loopy. Before I go home and take sinus medicine and a nap, I did one more thing this weekend to cap off my wedding task list:
Burlap bunting! I was not originally going to write on it, but got carried away. I was thinking of using this one for the cake table (obviously I still have to string them up, I'm just showing my progress so far), making a "Thank you" one for the gift table/guest bench, a "Just married" or a "Mr. & Mrs." for the head table. Well, that is a decision for another day. I'm going to go home and wait longingly for my Badgley Mischka's. I promise I'll be in a better mood tomorrow!

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  1. AHh those are my wedding shoes but in silver! Can't believe they are on sale for 68 since I paid the $200 price months ago..pooper!