Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here it is some more!!

I know I already showed my hair flowers, but I felt that to really get the appropriate scale AND to officially be done with it - meaning it has a hair comb attached to the back of it now too - was the only way I could feel that it was really done.

I'm assembly-lining the bridesmaids' ones, they're about a quarter of the way done. I'm going to tackle the ombre-ing of the fabric for the fabric backdrop tonight! But until then...

I apologize for the frizzy hair, bad lighting, and blurriness. One of these days, I'll get my camera fixed and take decent pictures of everything, but until then, it started getting late and I got sillier...

So you get the picture!

The only problem is that it was a little loose. I have to figure out a way to secure it better. Other than that, I'm super excited about the completion of this tiny part of my to do list. Back to work!!

How is everyone else doing with their to do lists?


  1. LOL too funny and cute..I feel like I'm starting to get behind on my to do list..probably just me being anal and scared!