Monday, July 11, 2011

More to do plus to DONE

I'm getting a tad ahead of myself, it's not a DONE done, but the trial is done, so I'm giving myself props where I can, because not a lot else is done:
Weeeee!!!! The left balloon is wrapped with twine, the right balloon is wrapped with yarn. I used an idiotically simple solution of Elmer's glue and a bit of water to soak the respective stringy stuff. They were dry by the morning.

As a disclaimer, while it didn't mess them up too much, I forgot/ignored the direction in the tutorial that told me to vaseline the balloons first. It felt dirty... no, just kidding, but I didn't feel like searching for vaseline and so the balloon stuck to the string a bit (because of dried glue) when I popped it. The twine one is a little warped because of it.

As far as choosing between the two, I don't think I can. I got the twine because it's the same as the twine that will wrap our invitations AND because our venue is very white, and I was worried about a lighter color blending in too much. I also love the yarn; that particular yarn, and it's easier to work with than the twine. Kyle said "Just make a bunch of each." Duh! Fine, Mr. Smarty Pants. I realized too that since I want them to accentuate the alter, the ceremony location is not all white, so it doesn't matter there. It's just if we try to then move them from ceremony to reception... I know, I'm worrying too much about something very menial. It's fine, I'm super excited I got to trial this. They took me about a half hour to make... both of them! The only issue is where I will hang all of them as I make them, I walked around the kitchen for quite awhile before I figured that out during this trial... wasted about 5 good minutes... Seriously.

Anyway, like the title suggests, I remembered another DIY:
I know birds are big right now, I also know they tend to be a little vintage, but I love these rustic, cute, stuffed animal lookin' things!! They are exorbitantly-priced on Etsy and elsewhere but months ago I sewed one up quick with a few pieces of linen to see if I could and it was super simple (I mean, that's even the point! simple, rustic, homey-looking). Kyle chuckled at it, but said he liked it, and neither of us have any other preference for any other type of cake topper.

I'm loving that my DIYs are pretty quick and painless so far. I got a lot of glue on myself Friday night, but was happier for it! I still admire the hair accessory trial, and that took me no time. I got fabric for the alter backdrop, so I'm on a roll! To do list:

  • Make alter backdrop
  • Finish yarn/twine orbs (about 10 of each)
  • Hair accessories
  • Bird cake topper
  • Finish knitting shrug
  • Start on invitations
Back to work! And don't you stick your tongue out at me!!


  1. Those came out awesome. Hmm I may have to try those baloon thingys!

  2. Love the twine balls!!!! Can't wait to try mine. I'm itching to hit up the dollar tree for supplies! Don't know where they'll go yet, or what I'll use them for but they're awesome!

  3. The yarn/twine globes look great! I think the mismatchy feel will be perfect!