Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is it worth the headache??

Hello All, I hope everyone had a fabulous and safe 4th! We had a fabulous and barely safe 3rd and then fell asleep before fireworks on the 4th :)

We were at the beach all weekend, and since we had to work on Tuesday, we had to do fireworks on Sunday, which meant Kyle had to go buy them himself and set them off at the beach. Dan and Mia were there as well and Dan took over lighting, which was the death-defying part, and then we went home on Monday. Monday night we were both totally pooped, so we passed out at about 9 PM, didn't catch the real fireworks.

Didn't miss a thing, we had a pretty fabulous weekend, and I got to work on my tan :)

I just wanted to stop by to say I found this tutorial online for making maps for your invitation suite and while it was not an idea I was seriously considering, it looked fun, so I did it:
So, I'm scratching my head here... should I make it more zoomed out and then make a bubble enlargement for Riverdale?? Should I zoom in even further and cut out some of the unnecessary Lancaster city part?? Are the stars with hotel names confusing? I made them a different color to distinguish them from roads... I dunno' if it's worth the trouble, not sure if it would actually help anyone!

Is the map just cute?? It's got all our colors in it... it makes me fidget a little though because it reminds me that we HAVE to start working on invitations... If I'm making them all, and they're going to be more intensive than the Save the Dates, I'll need more than a month probably to put them together... scared *eee

Anyway, I'll figure that out later. In the meantime, I am obsessed with and must start working on my fabric backdrop.

Yeah, I have five months still, but I keep seeing renditions of it and I must make it now!!!

I keep rolling it around in my head loving the idea of it so much and thinking of enhancements to it, and it just makes me need to see it in real life... NOW!
I like the idea of threading flowers through it as well, like, simple fake flowers, nothing major; no one is really going to get close enough to it, and I don't want to leave it too late and wait for real flowers, but just maybe a few floating buds. Also I thought I would hang these in there somewhere too:

Can you imagine them poking out here and there and maybe on the sides of the alter? And maybe with some little battery-powered tea lights? And can you imagine how they'd be able to be repurposed at random spots in the reception?!?!

Yeah, I can, so I'm super psyched to get DIY-ing. Also, Kyle initially suggested Japanese lanterns, you know, the paper ones. While it's a good idea, I think this will be cheaper, more unique, more fun, and something I might actually get him to help me with, so that he knows that I do respect his ideas, and think they're great, but I'm just enhancing it a bit... While that explanation was not a great one, trust me when I say I showed him this picture and he said he really liked it!

I also considered... dare I say it?... Chicken wire:
How awesome and rustic is that?? I can't help but think though that it will be harder and more expensive to do these. String it is then. My DIY list is as follows:

  • Hair accessories
  • Alter
  • Hanging string orbs
Get going!!!


  1. Wow!!! That is a supernice map!!! You should see mine- it's pretty simple because the ceremony and reception are on the same road about 7miles apart... I ended up doing a zoom-in of the cermony site only so they could see a close up of where to park (since it's a state park). I'll be posting my invitations within the next week because I'm almost done now!!!!!! I designed EVERYTHING myself and ordered all the paper, and printed them. I've put at least 40-50 hours in so far...
    Also, I might steal your orb idea. Only Using twine or hemp... yep. Done.

  2. Found this yesterday :)