Friday, July 29, 2011

What it's all about

Just read a blog post today from OnceWed and it really resonated, I mean, all it was was an interview with a florist, but they asked her for her 5 favorite things about weddings. This is what she said:

Tell us 5 things you love about weddings? 
1. Cake!
2. The meshing of two families for the first time
3. The amazing energy of two people coming together to profess their love to the world.
4. being able to express who you are to your loved ones by creating an environment that is completely yours.
5. the feeling that you and your mate are invincible for a minute. that nothing can stop you from being your best.

It is really on point and I am in love with her favorite things! I mean, I've never really thought about what my five favorite things about weddings are, but I do love my man so so much (sorry to get mushy) and it brought to my attention that we have decided to write our own vows and I wish I could be as simply eloquent as this random florist (No offense to her, it's just today was the first I ever heard of her)!

I also wanted to make our invitations more personal than "Mr. and Mrs. so and so request the honour of your presence" blah blah blah, but whenever I try to make it personal, it comes off goofy and silly, which I love, but I don't think it's appropriate.

I think in both cases, I've been going about it the wrong way; I've been trying to stick to some format, and I know that if I just write from the gut (read: heart) it will come across correctly. I think that although Kyle and I are pretty goofy, I do want the romanticism of our relationship to come across. We have these rustic romantic invitations, rustic venue, romantic color palette... I think I need to stick with what I know.

I'm not quite comfortable yet sharing our invitations (first, because we haven't sent them out yet, obvs, and second because I'm disgusted with the wording I've got so far) so I apologize for the wordy post, but I really felt like getting across my five favorite things about our wedding (in no particular order):

  1. Us! Finally making legal what we wanted all along, so that we can start our life together
  2. Creating a day totally unique to the two of us, and collaborating together to really make the perfect day
  3. Sharing the intense love we have for each other with our families, testifying that I'm his and he's mine forever
  4. Pampering ourselves for awhile with hugs and kisses and good wishes and smiling faces; I really just want as many of our loved ones to be there as humanly possible
  5. The awesome massive party that will ensue after all that lovey dovey stuff :)
Actually, all kidding aside, this is part of where my disconnect is coming from, I tried to make the invitation wording fun because I want to reception to be fun, but I want the ceremony to be romantic and filled with love... so how do I do that? My first thought was to keep the invitation wording fun but really focus on writing uncharacteristically serious vows, but again, irreverent invitation wording just doesn't seem appropriate. So I think I am going to try to balance them... somehow. Again, I think this means just writing, from the heart-gut without trying to adhere to some format.

The invitation will have all necessary information (date, time, location... duh!) but other than that, I'm just going to invite people the way I want to invite them! And I'm going to write my vows to Kyle, and not from some 'Intro, Body, Conclusion' format I read out of a text book.

Do you agree? Disagree? Do you think that invitations have to follow a specific format? Do you think hers and his vows should follow the same format??

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  1. I don't think you need to follow any kind of particular format for your invite OR vows.. it's your day, you guys do what you want to! If it really comes from the heart, it will sound great regardless. If people "don't get it".. that's ok. YOu should be 100% happy with it!!