Friday, July 8, 2011

Making it personal AKA busy

I found a tutorial for hanging yarn lamps and this one for twine lamps:

Eee!! Super easy of course, but I just like having directions.

I realized though that I forgot to add my shawl/shrug to my to-do list; knit shrug, hanging yarn orbs, alter, invitations (yup, forgot to add those to the list too), and hair accessories!

In the mean time, to take my mind off a small impending panic attack, I thought about ways of making our space at Riverdale a little more personal. I am worried about underestimating the amount of space that will need to be filled with stuff. I want there to be no table or area that is just bare and boring.

Some might call it busy, but I have to trust myself. I do trust myself, it will be perfectly tasteful!

I went with my mom back in April to the Lancaster Flower and Craft Warehouse and saw a lot of really awesome stuff, only a few days ago did I realize they had a website (I must be excused for assuming that no one in Lancaster knows how to work a computer)

Anyway, here's some pictures of stuff we saw in person:


And so I went to the website for a couple reasons: the place looked a little bare when we went-check out the second photo of the milk jug, see how bare the shelf behind it is?? I figured their selection online would be more complete, also I all of a sudden realized I really want those cracked milk glasses and so decided I must have them right away.

Well, they advertise on their website that their merchandise is always changing and now I can't find the milk glasses online. But I'm not panicking yet, because I can't find the milk jug or the watering can either, and those things are generic (and Lancaster county staples, come on). But I found a great deal of other stuffs, and I'm totally psyched, and someone needs to stop me before I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars...

I had to just take screen shots, looking at my wish list, it would be totally unreasonable to take individual images because I literally want ALL the things!!!


I especially love the wooden windowsill/trough thing. I can hang tapers or handkerchiefs or something else awesome from the hooks. I really like that one, a lot; one of my favorite things.

More rusty things!!!

And another favorite thing:

Why is this one of my favorites?? I mean besides the fact that it's awesome!

Kyle had an idea in the very beginning, way back from the start. He said "Why don't we do really simple single blooms floating in rustic bowls full of water?"

I liked the idea, but loved the idea of the wine bottles and wood slabs too, which won out obviously. His idea was seemingly ignored. Well, I feel bad about that, and while, in true guy form, he's probably forgotten about it, I do not want to set a precedence of even seemingly shunning his contributions. So I have decided that no matter what I will be getting at least one or two of these bowls for cocktail hour tables/gift table/bathroom, I don't care where!

More stuff I just found:

I could take out the live, faith, and relax (yeah, especially that one... who wants a sign that says relax????) and make signs for... the bride and groom chairs? The family chairs at the ceremony? The dessert table? The gift table? The guest bench?? I mean, are you guys noting the prices??? I could go sign crazy, the frames are nice and rustic.

So the only thing that upsets me is that I didn't see any of what I originally saw in the store on the website, and I don't remember seeing any of these things that I just found online in the store. Obviously I can buy the things that I'm finding online, but I cannot wait to go back to the store. I've had ample time to decide that I want to buy all the stuff I held out on last time I was there. I'm psyched because my make-up trial, in the same area, is at the end of the month... it's a long time away, and I'm not excited about that, but... I can manage.

So, the other part of my problem; this place is really well-priced BUT not when you put 50 things in your cart (I'm not exaggerating) and online PLUS the stuff I want from the store... I need to checkity check myself. Also, I have an annoying number of posts with a whole bunch of stuff in them, it's one thing to say 'I want this and this and this' but I can't see it all together yet, and that's making me nervous; therefore, I don't want to get too shopping happy (even if I had all that money) because there's a thin line between personal and busy.

Anyway, as a complete non-sequitur, can I show you another favorite thing??

I want to do this so bad! But we already booked our cake artist... Now before I go on a regret-fest, I always and still knew/know that I wanted wedding cake at our wedding, but I love love love the idea of these mini-pies... and they are SUPER EASY PEASY to make!!!

However, I recognize that it would be time and kind of money intensive, this is why I was so super excited when I saw the vanilla extract tutorial, that's up and running after very little effort and reasonable expense. BUT I thought how cool would this be on a smaller scale? Like for the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, day of the wedding brunch (what? you don't eat pie for breakfast?!)?!?! This way, I don't have to make 100, but I still get to make some.

As another complete non-sequitur, can I show you the bridesmaid dress??

And the winner is...
I love the way my sister looks in it, then tack on the fact that it fits with my dress (both, or either, or whatever!) and Keri tried it on and likes it as well, even though both felt the cotton dress was more wearable, and I don't think either of them are thrilled about the ruffles, but I think they're really undervaluing how flattering the dress is, because of the movement and the cut. Because I'm a complete Photoshop idiot, I have to settle for showing you David's Bridal's version of the dress in the right color:

In reality, it looks better than that, based on the chiffon swatch. But enough justification, it's done, I'm happy with it. I've since gotten confirmation from independent sources that they like this dress the best as well, so girls, even if you aren't crazy about the dress, everyone else will love you in them! I promise!!

So, am I going crazy?? How do you like my to do list?? Anyone care to add something? And lastly, did you have to slightly disappoint anyone with your wedding decisions???

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  1. WOW I love everything you posted from that store and gonna go check to see if I Can order stuff..I have been looking for some similar rustic items for our wedding and those are just gorgeous!