Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank you

I was really touched by the comments left on yesterday's post. I was honestly supposing that no one would care about budget as it's not nearly as fun to talk about as decorations and the like and moreover I was slightly worried that people would think I was throwing it in their faces that 'this is how much we're spending on our wedding, which clearly makes it better than yours.'
(Have you seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding yet??? You must! Also to explain the reference, you should hear how much they spend on these outrageous dresses and glass carriages and massive parties!)

Kyle mentioned that it might be perceived the same way as telling someone how much you make a year (but I showed him your comments). BUT, I'm so happy that you found it helpful/honest/eye-opening. I truly meant for it to be a candid picture of the nuts and bolts of the whole affair and you saw my intentions!

I love my readers, thanks for being awesome!!


  1. I don't think any one thought poorly about that at all..a budget is a huge thing in a wedding, and weddings can be sooo beautiful on a very small budget and some large budget weddings can be sooo over the top. Its all about what you want on your wedding day. I thought your post was real and true!!

  2. blog about the cake!!!! you said you would when you were here!