Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still can't decide about this map

I am in the middle of a couple DIYs and this is why I haven't posted in a few days. I believe I mentioned before, I hate having so many grand schemes and ideas but not seeing the finished product. I'm fairly certain there will be a finished product, but until then... I'm just not satisfied till something gets checked off the to do list.

But what have I done? I made my to do list longer, yay!!

  • Yarn orbs - 6 of 20 (or more) are done!
  • Hair accessories - Almost done one of four
  • Alter fabric backdrop
  • Knit shrug - halfway done... yeah, still only halfway
  • Invitations (more detailed invitation-specific to do list to come) I specifically need to make a decision about invitation wording and about the map:
  • Try to find some old frames/window frames to make chalkboards (menu, table settings, etc...)

  • Smaller scale version of the fabric backdrop for chairs/elsewhere (?)
  • Small burlap bunting

  • Old wooden swing?? Will I even be allowed to hang it???
  • Ring pillow or something for that purpose - we don't have a ringbearer, but that doesn't mean we can't have somewhere pretty for the rings to sit
  • Burlap table runners
  • Hangers!
(haven't decided yet if I can DIY this, in the meantime, giving lilafrances her due)
  • Bird cake topper - Aunt Keirsten is taking this one on!
  • Wood slice cake stand - could be solved easily by a trip to a relative's farm
  • Massive Lancaster Flower and Craft Warehouse trip!! July 30th cannot get here fast enough!!
  • Music list, collecting and organizing said music, solidifying DJ
  • Booking hotel rooms for the night before and night of the wedding
  • Men's suits
  • Regional Costa Rica flights (our flight to the main international airport is booked, but we need to book our flight to the resort ~100 miles away. Our resort is being super helpful so far BTdubs. I could not be happier so far and I haven't even gotten there... but have I mentioned how excited I am for when we finally do get there??? And see this?!?!?!?!):
(oh I have? Sorry.)

Go away real quick, Kyle...


  • Pick a dress...

Soooo yeah, I'm a tad stressed. I really really want to have product to show off! And a honeymoon to go to!! And a dress to wear!!!

But in the meantime, the man and I had dinner last night with our photographer Ben and his wife Rose:
That about sums them up. We had a fantastic time. Not just a fake fantastic time, a real fantastic time. I'm not going to force the issue, but I really like them both as more than just a photographer and his wife, I'm hopeful that last night will not be the last dinner we ever share. The point is though that although we already knew we had made the right choice of photographer, last night really solidified that.

We have pre-marital counseling coming up with my Grampa (yeah, that's how I spell it, what??), which is not going to be awkward at all ;) He asked us to do the Keirsey temperament test which was kinda' fun and he has already assured me that it's not going to be awkward. My G is a pretty with-it Grand dad so I believe him. Has anyone else taken the Myers-Briggs test?? I'm an ENFJ - the Idealist Teacher, and Kyle is an INTJ - the Rational Mastermind. No, he didn't strut around when he was given the title... at least not to my face. According to Keirsey our temperaments are made for each other... which is funny because normally I wouldn't put much stock in what a psychologist has to say about whether or not I'm meant for the man I'm going to marry... unless of course he says I am meant for the man I'm going to marry ;) Ha! Just messin'.

Anyway, I have to get to work; just over 5 months left! I have lots to do and in the mean time, I also need to get a PhD and find a real job :-\


  1. Hey, I'm an INTJ too! That's funny....

    Also, stop stressing, it will all get done! And if a few details don't get finished or end up not making it to the event for whatever reason - I promise that no one will notice. They'll take home the big picture, which is a wedding full of personal touches and heart. That's what's important :)

  2. I love your style for the wedding. I love every picture you posted..and is that really wer you are staying on your honeymoon because that place looks like heaven to me! I also really LOVE those yarn orbs and I think you inspired me to try to make one! Will you use them at your ceremony site?