Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't hate [me]

I'm almost embarrassed to post today because I have been such a bad blogger, but I promise, especially with a weekend coming up, that I am going to get my camera/memory card fixed slash get a new memory card finally and have ALL the things to show you.

So, a lot of stuff has been happening but weird circumstances prevent me from being super psyched about them... For example: the hair flowers are done, as I mentioned in my last post, BUUUT by done I mean done except for having a hair comb attached to the back of them. I feel I can't actually cross that off the list until they are actually really completely finished.

I finished the alter and entrance fabric backdrops!!!! It kind of happened so fast that I couldn't believe it when it was done. HOWEVER, I have no where to hang them in the house, I don't have two posts close together like this:
From which to hang the backdrops and get an idea of how awesome they are + a picture so you can see how awesome they are. This has made me depressed too, I don't want to cross these off the list until I actually can hang them somewhere and make sure they're as awesome as I think they are.

Once I get the chair backdrops done this weekend (which will take even less time than the big backdrops because they are smaller AND they hang on the back of chairs, which means I don't have to stumble around my stair railing and some floor lamps trying to get the things elevated) I will get Kyle to hold the backdrops up (he's tall and has an impressive arm span) and I will take some gall dern pictures!!

I hope to write a more detailed post about how I stained them and how I cut the strips and made two backdrops - one the inverse of the other! Help me to remember (my sister reminded me that I have yet to write a cake post since I actually signed an agreement with our baker and settled on a cake design! And I keep forgetting to write that post). In the meantime, the title of this post is about my latest to do list that is word heavy and picture-less. Sorry. But I promised a more detailed invitation to do list post and here it is:
(First sample of invites we printed, to make sure all spelling and grammar and color was right... it is, Kyle is printing these out at work as we speak!!)

  • Order envelopes (outer envelopes, inner envelopes, response envelopes)
  • Order paper
  • Order lotka paper for trifolds and vellum to cover invitation
  • Buy burlap for belly bands and twine to tie invitations and feathers for decoration
  • Order seal
  • Address and stamp envelopes
  • Self-address (with free Shutterfly address labels) and stamp response envelopes
  • Cut vellum to size
  • Print out invitations
  • Rip lotka paper to size and fold into trifolds, glue pockets for RSVP/response envelope/hotel info
  • Rip invitations to size (rough edges)
  • Decorate invitations with stamps and colored pencil (like the Save the Dates)
  • Put invitations together: glue invite into trifold; put RSVP, response envelope, hotel info, etc... into pocket; wrap with burlap and twine and decorate with a single guinea hen feather
  • Stuff invitations into inner envelope and apply wax seal, stuff inner envelopes into outer envelopes, seal, and send!
I do feel like I'm being a bit unfair because I should have written this to do list long ago since I started preparing for invitations long ago. HOWEVER, seeing as how my overall to do list is so depressing right now, I need a little encouragement in the form of a majority-completed to do list :) You have to admit that it feels pretty awesome to make a to do list for the first time and cross off more than half the stuff on it right away.

Lastly, I've been a little preoccupied because a few weeks ago Kyle told me he got us tickets to see my favorite band of all time:
Incubus!!! I have been in love with Incubus for almost 15 years, particularly their melodically beautiful lead singer Brandon Boyd:
who looks awesome when he's singing and sounds even better:
and also looks sexy when he's being creative:

Kyle has been in love with them for as long as he's been with me. Kyle plays guitar... so does Incubus' guitarist (go figure):
 Mike Einziger can break bad...
And Kyle really likes his style. He is awesome and multitalented. ANYWHO! We have seen Incubus together every time they've been in town (and I saw them once or twice before I met Kyle) and so this time was going to be routine. Their new album "In Now Now, When?" is awesome so we are both super psyched. Kyle got us great tickets:

Right where the red star is, right smack dab in the middle of the first section. Pretty sweet spots! But then I heard about an auction to support their charity Make Yourself Foundation that included tickets in the pit (you know, that area right in front of the stage) PLUS a meet and greet before the show. Now, I've never bid on eBay, ya'll; I always just buy whatever has a "Buy it now" option because I get a little too over-excited a little too easily and my heart starts pounding in my chest and it doesn't feel good; feels like a panic attack.

Well, did I mention that Incubus is my favorite band of all time? Well, they are, so I sucked it up and signed into eBay and camped out by Kyle's computer, which is brand new and super fast and has two monitors - I looked like a Wall Street broker!! And guess what...
I WON!!!!
I. could. not. believe. it!!! I am still over the moon about it. For not much more than we were already paying for tickets, we now get even better tickets and we're going to meet our favorite band! As in, Kyle will be able to pick Mike Einziger's brain and I will get to stare lovingly at Brandon Boyd and just beg him to speak some more.

The concert's not for a month, but people, I need help with some good things to ask/talk about or I swear to you I will spend the whole time drooling and telling him I like his mouth. I can't think of anything else!! Except maybe 'nice tats'...


Anyway, it's getting late (I spent too much time staring at Brandon Boyd pictures) but if you've made it this far, thanks for reading and I will leave you with a few inspirational photos for no reason at all since this post is so text heavy. Please tell me though about any of your eBay experiences, ever won anything awesome???!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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  1. You are movin fast on that to do much faster than I!! That is awesome about the is okay to take a break from the wedding/blogging and just enjoy you time with your honey! I have to remind myself every now and again that it is okay. :)