Monday, August 15, 2011

Slow and Steady

I had a dream last night that it was our wedding but there was a craptastic lace arbor at our alter and not our fabric strip backdrop. Gross. Wasn't too much of a nightmare per se, just a little unpleasant and weird.

I got over it quickly. On to cooler stuff. In two days and some change, our wedding countdown clock on the right hand side of my blog is going to start counting down in double digits instead of triple. I am super psyched! Also, Kyle and I are 6 days from our engage-iversary. I will go more into that in 6 days, and maybe he'll take me out to dinner ;) And today is my lovely parents' real anniversary!! Cool beans yeah? 24 years! Isn't that crazy?? I wish I had some pictures but my parents are still old school and still have all their pictures in albums at home. Weird, huh? I had to scour my sister's facebook page to even find this:
(Like my hand placement?? Very family portrait of me :p
Kyle, me, Dad, Mama, Brother Keith, Sister Jordan)

I am excited for their 25th because it's such a milestone. Crazy to think that you could stand someone for that long. I mean, even your kids only have to be in the house for 18 years, then you get to get rid of them :) AND, on top of that, you have to stay with your kids, you don't have to stay with your spouse, you're stuck with your kids. Especially in a time where the divorce rate is so high, I'm very happy to have their example of functional, happy matrimony to look up to. I think the only thing they fight over is rules in Scrabble :D Who doesn't??

Anyway, these are some things on my mind this dreary Monday morning. I am working on some stuff at home, not getting too far, but I do have one thing to share:
Not quite sure why I made four, now that it comes to it... But here they are!! My bridal hair flowers and companion pieces for my bridesmaids! Each one is completely finished, with hair combs attached and everything. I am so happy with how they turned out. No one has to wear them, but I thought it would be a nice option to have.

That's all I can think of at the time. I will try to get some more stuff done and have good stuff to show you!! Maybe getting a few invitation steps crossed off *fingers crossed*

Any of the brides-to-be have any weird dreams lately? Any other news??

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  1. The hair things are very pretty....and you made 4 in case there is a casualty somewhere along the way!