Friday, August 19, 2011

No cake yet

Our pre-wedding "counseling" is tomorrow!!

I'm excited to be checking it off the list, excited to see my grandparents, and nervous or anxious to see what there will be to expect from counseling. Thankfully, it's not nearly as daunting as it is for the Catholics. We only have one session, about three hours maybe, and my G assures me that it will mostly be discussions about the nuts and bolts of the ceremony, with maybe a little sprinkling of our compatibility based on the Myers-Briggs test. Should be sufficiently fun and awkward.

Meanwhile, we've given no thought whatsoever about our ceremony set-up, but I did find one reading (and hopefully only the one) that I think is perfectly appropriate (read: short but religious). Completely universal and standard (read: boring) but I don't care, I really like it:
Yeah, you guessed it, 1st Corinthians, chapter 13. BUT, not just because it's the one everyone uses, I actually love the non-conventional verses, like verse 13: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." I love the verses that no one ever includes. Yeah yeah, love is patient and kind, blah blah. I love the first verse. This also solves a conundrum that had been brewing which was how to include Kyle's dad in the wedding somehow; my Grampa is officiating, we're asking Kyle's Pop-Pop to say the blessing before dinner, and it left his dad out in the cold. Problem, meet solution. I am also excited because if I couldn't find a traditional but short reading I was probably just not going to have a reading.

Kyle and I also have to get working on our vows... I can't wait to share them after the wedding... Hopefully Kyle will not wait until the night before the wedding (or morning of, more like) to write them... *HINT HINT*

I'm also looking forward to framing our vows or maybe vows, reading, and promise... the part with the rings:

Anyway, in the meantime, I am 5/8ths done with knitting my shrug, which is officially more than half way, thank you very much. I also started working on the invitations!!

The paper products, all printed out. Kyle was sweet enough to do all this at work. I had him print out the invitations, RSVP cards, hotel info, and the little note telling our guests to plant their inner envelopes, which are embedded with wildflower seeds(!!)

I am still debating over the map. I just had him print out a sample page for now. Not sure if it will need to be included... and if I include a map, do I need to include directions?? Argh, so many decisions!

Anyway, I set to ripping all the components out, and haven't finished yet, but here's my progress plus all the mess I've been making:

It all went remarkably well. This paper, even though it's pretty super thick, tears easily and, more importantly, in a straight line (I have to plug this paper again, it is answering all my prayers as the coolest paper ever. If you ever need some natural, hippy-looking paper for any sort of rustic application, and of course they have other types of paper too, check out Under the Sun).

I've started tearing out the invitations and RSVP cards, I hope to finish that this weekend, plus get some knitting done. Then I have to finish some more yarn orbs and my list of DIY projects is getting smaller and smaller!

In other checklist news: my aunt is working on or is done with our little big cake toppers, and Kyle and I are going wedding band shopping (we already know what we want, just have to go actually order them) on Sunday! Once these things are actually crossed off (including him buying his suit!) I will do a status update on my checklist.


I am still having crises about the dress, shoes, make-up, hair, decor, money, whether or not Mia is going to be there, etc... but I'm keeping those at bay because I know that overall, the day is going to be a success and we are going to love it. I feel that if I recognize that these issues exist, they can't sneak up on me and destroy me.

That being said, they all need to be dealt with, except for Mia, because of course, there's nothing I can do about that; either she can't be moved because she's about to pop, in labor, or still in the hospital nursing a one-day-old infant. Of course, while Kyle hasn't said a word about it, and while both of us are overjoyed for them, it kills me that Dan might not be there either, and if he is there, his mind will be elsewhere. I'm not trying to sound selfish; just realistic: I feel bad for Kyle, but Kyle insists that everything will be fine. The whole thing just makes me frazzled.

Anyway, as far as everything else (all those small, insignificant things), I don't know why I'm being so indecisive and I just need to relax about them, as they are not big deals! Moreover, the more I think about these small but stressful things, the more it presses more important things out of my brain. For example, I had something important in my head the other day, I can't remember what, but it was something that must be done and like an idiot, I started thinking about make-up and dates for make-up trials (important, but not as important as whatever got lost in my brain) and now it's gone. I'm sure it will come back... hopefully... but I feel that the closer we get, the more often this will happen. Can't. let. important. things. fall. through. the. cracks!

I'm sorry, I could go on and on, and my sister tells me I write too much. The long and short of it is that this weekend is GOING to be productive!

So share with me: any stresses? Any to do list snags? Any good ceremony readings?


  1. That paper looks totally rad that you are ripping. (totally rad..think I just took a trip back to the