Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ohmigod suits

Kelly doesn't have a video about suits, but let's just pretend :)
(my reaction to most of our suit choices so far: These suits suck... These suits SUCK!)

Real quick, and without a lot of windy words, we've narrowed our suit search down to four (and of course, we haven't seen ANY of them because no stores carry them, but we're found four online that are hopefully true to color).

These suits rule. Surprisingly, they are all from Men's Warehouse, which really came through (again... online) as far as options, more so than anywhere else:

I don't have to reiterate how ridiculous it's been that this was the only store with options for us. I get it, not everyone wears brown suits, but some people clearly do; all these gentlemen look strapping in them... Sooo why is it that only one store makes brown suits??

I am just going to leave my unanswerable question unanswered. Kyle is going to have to order a suit online to see if it's the right color. If I get my way, it will be the first one (Pronto Uomo Signature Brown), to my eyes exactly what I had hoped for.

Also, in two hours, the countdown clock is going to reach double digit days!!

So, how was your suit shopping experience??

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  1. We still have to do the suit shopping!! Its on our to do list though!!