Monday, August 8, 2011

Not as much as I promised but still results

As the title suggests, I'm here to bring tidings of a finished (or mostly finished, I haven't decided yet) project! I promised more than I'm about to show, but this weekend ended up being a lot busier than intended...

Kyle and I went to look at suits this weekend and I cannot believe how difficult it was to find what we were looking for. Everyone looks at me funny when I tell them we're trying to find a brown suit... They especially look at me funny when I tell them that we've been unable to find a satisfactory brown suit:
Something like either of these two. You can always find them online but rarely in the store. That's not the only problem, there's a lot of things that look like brown through a computer screen and then won't look like brown in real life. Because of this, neither of us is comfortable making a purchase like this online.

Even in the store, unforeseen and surprising complications arose. Suits that were supposedly brown did not look brown to either of us.

We saw a lot of suits like this; 'brown heather' or heather brown or whatever. That's not brown, that's grey. Well, according to a lot of stores, that's brown, and that is not at all the color we are going for, sooooo, no, it's not, stop lying to us.

Does that look brown to you?? According to the website, it's called "brown sharkskin"


Really?! I know what you're thinking, because I thought the same thing: this can't be prevalent, just an isolated incident, right?

Wrong. Hugo Boss had one like it, Armani, Neiman Marcus, and then everyone else just had NO brown suit. Oh, Lord and Taylor had amazing brown pants, exactly the color we were looking for, from a company named Zanella... who only sells pants...
Really?!?! So, finally, we started talking to the sales associates who told us that they were having a made-to-measure trunk show in a few weeks where all the designers would come in and measure the guys and tailor-make a suit and you could pick the color and style, etc... This seemed to be the only option, just to get someone to make a brown suit! Then the sales associates tell us that the prices are in the $2500-$3000 range...

Really?!?!?! This is more or as much as every dress I've purchased! We were hoping to spend no more than $500 on his suit because we would never ask the other groomsmen to purchase $3000 suits of course. I feel bad enough asking them to spend $500 (but most places have buy one get one half price or something deals so that will get resolved :)).

So we're kind of between a rock and a hard place, because Kyle finally said he would bite the bullet and get a tailored suit and the groomsmen would just wear another color. But then I couldn't help thinking that this whole debacle has made me feel like no one wants brown suits which means Kyle would never be able to wear the suit again because everyone would make fun of him. He said he would just ask some pimps where they get their suits, because if they come in purple and leopard print, they must make pimp suits in brown.
Hardy har har.

Anywhositz, all that is to say that our entire day was eaten up by suit shopping (and seeing a movie to make ourselves feel better) and then we had my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary/birthdays the next day! So I got nothing done wedding-related this weekend...

Except take some pictures!
Now, I know that the white railings make it a little difficult to make out, but this is the completed entrance for the pavilion at Riverdale!!! Doesn't look like much, I know, but I really think it's the white railing that's taking away from it. Regardless, because the fabric strips are so small through most of this, you're not seeing the ombre, because there is none to see! But here's the coup de grace:
Ha, I just realized that with the lighting being as it is, and with the way this is hanging, it looks dark up top there where it should look very light, but the point is that HERE'S THE ALTER BACKDROP!!! I have to admit, I have a hard time seeing the ombre, but I do see it faintly, and look how nice it is when the wind has its way with it:
This was exactly what I was going for! I just haven't decided yet if I'm going to maybe cross-cross or braid some of the strips to get more texture out of this. I think I'll try it and then just see how it looks. I'll keep you posted! Must get back to work now, but invitation work begins soon; might not be much to report, but I will not be a stranger!

How are everyone else's DIY projects going??

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  1. Love the backdrops!! You can still see hints of the ombre.. it looks super rustic and vintage, almost. As for the suits.. we're looking for grey which is a bit more prevalent, but it's still giving us issues. I'm sure you've looked everywhere, but have you tried JosABanks/Macy's/Kohl's/Men's Wearhouse and the like? Maybe a Brooks Brothers??