Monday, August 15, 2011

Ohmigod shoes

I will not put the Kelly video up here because it's got bad language, but for any adults who don't care about language... ohmigod shoes:
I am in the process of looking for bridesmaids shoes, but can I help it if shoes are awesome and I keep finding adorable ones???

No, I can't. I forgot I never showed mine:

Sorry for my narsty carpet. Anyway, these are my adorable Payless loafers. But in my search for bridesmaids shoes, I found some more shoes for myself! I can't help it, it's an inevitability.

Anyway, here they are!! And I would love opinions:
These by American Eagle Outfitters are vintage eggplant,
While these by Payless- just regular old eggplant- are more purple (at first glance, they look too purple, but upon reflection, they are by the same brand as my current 'purple' Payless shoes, meaning they are probably the same shade).

So I like the vintage, rustic vibe of the AEO shoes but I love love love the fun leopard print on the Payless ones. Also, the vintage eggplant ones almost look brown whereas the eggplant ones, if they are the same shade as the ones I already have, are the exact shade I'm looking for.

I see a divide happening here, and coincidentally, it is far-reaching: This debate has become as fierce in my brain as my debate over wedding dresses:

I know I don't really have to do this anymore, but Baby, if you happen to be perusing, which I know you're not, but just in case,



On one hand, you have this vintage, rustic, romantic awesomeness; which I love...

Then on the other hand you have a more chic, modern, fun vibe... which is also awesome and I love.

Which do I love more??

Your guess is as good as mine at this point. Do I want to complement the theme and venue perfectly? Or stand out against it??

Someone else decide this for me, please.

In the meantime, I am having no luck on the bridesmaid shoes front, so, in an attempt to delegate, bridesladies: please find your shoes!! Help me out; search whatever shoe sources are your favorites and e-mail me ones you like. I will post as we go, and you can all help me and each other decide. But while we wait for that, what do you all think about my two new shoe possibilities? Vintage eggplant (AEO) or plain old eggplant (Payless)??


  1. Definitely keep an eye on Zappos for shoes! Love them. And.. I kind of like your first option - the Vera with the fringe bows :) Gorgeous.

  2. I love the look of the vintage eggplant, but both are really cute!