Monday, March 21, 2011

And flowers in your hair

If anyone cares to flit over to my vendors page (Eat, Drink, and Be Married), you'll notice a new addition!! Tara of Splints and Daisies now graces my vendor page! I got a quote from her today and it's even better than I expected. She's actually under my budget, and even though I realized that my budget was a little low, she still managed to come in under it. Now that being said, we haven't completely solidified some things, I might ask her to do a few more things yet.

I know I shouldn't be too thrilled still at the size of the bill, but as I mentioned a few posts ago, according to the cost calculator website, I'm on target. And Tara is really great so far, she's enthusiastic and energetic and (just like all my other vendors... huh) seems to really love our vision and be on board with making it come to life. Now, I say "our vision" and have been very careful to include Kyle in everything so far, but I guess I have to be unfair to be fair in this instance and say my vision, because Kyle just doesn't care about flowers. The few suggestions he has given me so far have been ones I forced out of him because I thought it was important to get his thoughts on EVERYTHING!! I realize now that there are a few things he's okay handing off to me alone... not only okay, downright ecstatic!

Anyway, last week was this ridiculous week that included Mia's bridal shower (I love you bridesmaids, but I don't want one of those!), meeting Tara, buying a dress...

Say what??? Yeah, I bought a wedding gown. Please believe, I am dying to post pictures but I really feel like the mystique of the whole ordeal is long since gone, and I'm trying to maintain some semblance of intrigue. I figured out though why everyone has given me such a hard time about it though. I tried to include as many people as possible in as many of my salon trips as possible. I thought everyone would really enjoy spending a day in New York and playing dress-up. Now, I'm not delusional, I know I was the one playing dress-up and everyone else was sitting around outside the dressing room, but I still thought the fanciful aspect of wedding gown shopping was something everyone would semi-enjoy once they got swept up in it. Well, I was wrong, and if I had known that, I would not have asked anyone to come with me. I apparently bored everyone, looked at way too many gowns, and went to way too many salons. I want to just let everyone know though that I thought if I did it without my best friends' and loved ones' help, you'd be mad at me for not including you...

It's a catch-22, I'm not gonna' agonize over it anymore, because it's bought. No more wedding gown shopping. It's due in in August. Maybe my superstitions will have lightened up by then (or I'll no longer care about intrigue :)).

Oh yeah, and as of today, Kyle's faxing our authorization form to Casa Chameleon to solidify our reservation!! I've got the flight on hold, it's just waiting for a credit card number. Aside from the silly little technicality of not really being paid for, OUR HONEYMOON IS BOOKED!!! It's insanely exciting; I am fortunate to have had a lot of opportunities in my lifetime for travel and seeing spectacular places, but this will be the first time I'm going to one of those places solely to be the laziest, most luxurious, spoiled new wife I can be!

Anyway, sorry no pictures today, but I have no real data for you, just invoices, receipts, contracts... I have never spent this much in one week... ever!

And it feels awesome.


  1. For the record, I definitely had fun dress shopping. So there!

  2. me too =) but i wanna know what dress u got!!!