Monday, March 7, 2011

Someone else's wedding, shower, baptism...

I've been a little mind-blocked about our wedding because I've been so preoccupied with other friends' engagements. I have never had so many invitations hanging on my fridge in my life! I have a spa day and a bachelorette party for Mia coming up, which, as a bridesmaid, I am also helping to coordinate, Kyle's cousin is having a baby and so her baby shower is also coming up. Our friends Nick and Julie are having the baptism of their son and of course, Mia's actual wedding is fast approaching! I already bought my bridesmaid dress, but I now need my shoes and a whole mess of other small things that I can't keep track of.

As such, as I've been trying to focus on figuring out where we'll honeymoon, I haven't done much more wedding stuff the past few days, especially because my measley paycheck is geared more towards others this month! I wanted to buy some balsa wood flowers and wood slabs this month to do a mock-up of the reception centerpieces... but shipping for a wood slab is ridiculous, I guess they're heavy!

As building blocks for a bouquet/bout and a centerpiece!
Very exciting... eventually. These things do need to get figured out soon, especially because flowers need to get figured out soon, but thankfully, not this month. Anywho! That's not all, we have narowed down our honeymoon destination considerably! We've narrowed it down to Casa Chameleon:
And Arenal Nayara:
But in my heart of hearts, I still haven't given up on the mucho expensivo Rancho Pacifico:
Or the less inclusive but still visually tempting Pranamar:
I won't bore you with all the details, but for the price, you get so much for the money from Casa Chameleon. It's both of our favorite right now. You have your own pool, everything's open and breezy, nice canopy bed, rain shower, stone tub for two, etc... It's not as modern as Rancho Pacifico and not as green-looking as Pranamar, but it's still a relatively new hotel in a great location (right on the beach). Nayara is also not as modern or green, but it's on TripAdvisor's list of most romantic hotels in the whole world. It's the cheapest of all these options and the easiest to get to and it has the most square footage... buuuuut it's just not my favorite... I mean, of my original 20 or so, it's top five, but not top one. I think that what's holding me back there is that it's in the center of Costa Rica, and even though I don't plan on spending too much time at the beach, I feel like I'll be disappointed if going to a beach is not an option.
Anyway, there's lots to mull over, and decisions to be made soon, but for now, it's bed time.
Lastly though, some shoe porn! Here's the shoes I'm getting as bridesmaid for Mia's wedding:
I'm so excited because they're adorable! I wouldn't normally splurge on shoes I don't need, but because it's for her wedding, I can't think of better, cuter shoes to be able to actually wear again after the wedding! Anyway, goodnight for now!

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