Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Menu Tasting

Firstly, thanks! to Steph C for using my LivingSocial link!! Okay, business:

I haven't had a chance to sit down and post for a few days, but this past weekend, we went back to our venue to have a menu tasting. Now, I have already kicked myself repeatedly for not bringing a camera, because the food was indeed pretty for wedding food. But no matter, I'm not going to spend too too much time on it anyway, so you're not missing anything.

Anywho... it was great! We were so pleasantly surprised! I mean, it wasn't gourmet 'I've died and gone to heaven' food, but it was much better than I expected. The salad was actually the highlight... who knew?! The veggies weren't too crisp or too soggy, the meat wasn't too tough or dry or too well done, I think we made good menu choices as everything was... not as stereotypical as one would expect of wedding food. Although, maybe chicken Chesapeake is kinda' stereotypical, but I love it, and so does Kyle, so get over it. Nothing was over- or under-seasoned, except for the au gratin potatoes, and so we changed that menu item, but that was the only thing we had to complain about! Which surprised me!! My parents went with us which was really nice because they know how to be honest without being mean or rolling over. I'm one or the other extreme; If I like something, I'll have a really hard time disagreeing with anything about it, but if I don't like or care about something, I will put it down very quickly and firmly, and kinda meanly... or so Kyle says.

Point is, we almost have our entire menu worked out, my parents and Kyle have encouraged me to cut a few hors d'oeuvres because we had five or something ridiculous like that; seeing as our coordinator Maureen served us only half portions of our meal and I was stuffed, I tend to agree with them.

On another note, my mom, Mia and I went dress shopping one. last. time. I will not dwell on this because I have spent sooooo much time on it in the past, but I just wanted to show my mom the David's Bridal Vera Wang dresses before I bought one. (Oh! side note, I mailed out a large box with my Vera Wang sample gown in it on Monday. It was just icing on the cake to be free of it! Yay!!) Now I am remembering why I was waiting to post: My mom took some nostalgia pictures of me in the Vera Wang Diana before it was mailed out, and Mia took some pictures of me in the new David's Bridal Vera gowns and neither of them have e-mailed me these pictures. Seeing as I've been busy this week, I am in no way scolding... but okay, now e-mail them to me... please... pretty please.

Until then, Kyle, go away, here are the two, the last two that I'm debating between:

I didn't think it would come down to this, because the one of the right has a much smoother bodice, something I didn't think I wanted BUT, it looked fantastic and the little ruching details were really cool and I love the one-shoulder and the skirt organza feels and looks smoother and more expensive than on the left hand dress. Weird considering they cost the same. HOWEVER, the raw, sort of gauzy looking organza on the left hand dress is the same as on the original Diana gown... I went right home and checked: the left hand dress is more true to Vera's original vision, AND would fit more into our raw, organic wedding. BUT, I also understand, and my mom felt, that I looked a little more polished in the one-shoulder, and like I said, it did look great and was very flattering. So amazingly, I'm back in some agonizing debate! After all this! I'm stuck again! I don't think this will be a particularly difficult decision, but it's still kind of a pain, that I thought I was done and now... I need to pick: the sleek, sexy, silky one that doesn't really fit my theme, or the less polished, but more raw, kinda' scrappy one that does?

Mia suggested I put it to a vote and while I'd love to hear any ideas, comments and/or suggestions, you should all know me by now enough to know I do not leave any decisions up to anyone else... ever. So I'm going to get the dress in two weeks (the earliest I can spare time for the drive). As in this decision will get made, no matter what! In two week's time!! And THEN, you'll never have to hear about it again, I promise.


  1. I'm dying over the one on the left. I seriously want to go to DB and try that one.. yes I already bought my dress.. bad ideas all around.

    Anyway.. look at the pictures of you in them, think of how you felt in the dresses.. was there the one that you just did NOT want to take off? Forget about the wedding theme.. go with what your gut says. I'm betting you won't regret it!

  2. I soo wish they had these when I was dress shopping!!! I personally LOVE the dress on the right with the asymmetrical shoulder. But, really, you have to go with what you feel fabulous in. I loved TONS of dresses when I was shopping for my dream dress. Then... I just put it on and it was perfect. I had that moment of, ahh this is it. We were having a garden/romance wedding (even though it was on a golf course), and I wanted my dress to reflect that, and it did.

    I wish I could try on either one of these, but for reals, regardless of your theme, I would go with the dress you look your best and most polished in. You want something classic you will love to look back on when you're older!

  3. I love them both, so really you can't go wrong! I had SUCH a hard time picking my dress and ultimately went with a dress that wasn't everyone else's favorite, but it was by far, MY favorite. I am the most indecisive person EVER, so I empathize with your struggle, but when it comes down to it - go with what YOU like best and what YOU picture yourself wearing on your wedding day. You will look lovely and your fiance will be so excited to marry you regardless. Good luck!!