Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Excitement!!! All around!!!

So, just a few notes! First off, I forgot to mention yesterday: as I said earlier, I didn't want to celebrate having our honeymoon booked until it was for real official, this was not just the location, but also the flights. So the point of being so happy yesterday, was that the flights are also booked, we got that great deal through American Airlines, for $4,000 less than US Airways, and of course, if I didn't already mention it, our deposit for the actual villa is down. Eeeeeeeee!!! Just wanted to clarify the reasons why I am so excited!!!

Further, I mentioned that I found a great idea for favors:

Again, thanks to Magpie Paper Works for the idea and Ruffled for posting it!

Anywho, I bought a few small (200 mL) bottles of booze to try out the different flavors given by different types of liquor; white rum or vodka is supposed to make a clean vanilla extract and spiced rum or brandy is supposed to give more flavor to the vanilla.
I got the spiced rum, but also the Bacardi Gold because Kyle said he personally thought Captain Morgan's is too potent on the spices. I figured dark rum is like spiced rum without the spice, that takes care of that. Well, I also got brandy because I'm not too familiar with brandy, have no idea whether it tastes much different from dark rum, but nonetheless, got brandy because the recipe suggests brandy as well. Lastly, of course, regular, plain old vodka for a clean extract. I think Absolut is a bit harsh, but Kyle swears that it's cleaner than most, and I guess he knows more about booze than I do.

So, on this end, I just ordered vanilla beans!!!

A lot of vanilla beans. It has to be enough for sample extract, the real thing, and also for place settings, a few beans per napkin, tied with twine (I know it's early for place settings, but who wants to pay for shipping twice???).

So I'm super psyched to get these in the mail, and I will upload some pictures of the process, because it's sure to be super fun, and of course, you can enjoy the transformation of the booze with me from clear/golden to deep brown over the course of the next few months.

For anyone going to try this at home; DO NOT throw out your beans when your extract is done. These used beans are actually perfect for vanilla sugar. And me personally? I looooooove vanilla in my coffee.

Lastly, good news everyone:


That's right, I'm pretty sure now that when I told you I bought it I forgot to tell you when it was supposed to come in... August! As I have always said, and this is no "I told you so" to my mom or anyone else, but I knew that it would be here this early. David's Bridal gives you so much crap about how you have to hurry because it's going to take 5 months, and then it takes TWO WEEKS! Are you serious??? This is now my third experience with it happening just this way (Mia's wedding dress, my bridesmaids dress for Mia's wedding, and now my wedding dress) so I feel pretty confident telling all potential David's Bridal patrons out there; take your time, and do not let them pressure you. I was not pressured as I knew this gown was the right one for me, however, I also had lots of time, so even when they told me it wouldn't be in till August, I thought to myself "oh, but yeah, I'd still have a month or so if I can't make up my mind today."

Anyway, I never did show the one. 

Kyle, unless you want us to have an unintentional, wedding-ruining first look, go away now!

Well, here she is:

Is anyone surprised? Based on my evolution towards this dress, yes, it is surprising, but based on everything I've learned about what I really want, I'm not surprised, and I'm very happy. Just so you know though, I never did have any sort of crying 'I feel like a bride' moment. And on top of all that, I still look at other gowns, just to see what else is out there, and I wouldn't put it past myself to find something that I fantasize about somewhere down the line. Yeah, I said it, but not being too emotionally attached to my current gown means that I'm not going to whine and moan when and if I do find another one. I'm either going to solidify in my mind why this one is just right, or I'm going to do the same thing I did once already...

Not to worry, I don't see that happening this time :D

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  1. Oh my gosh, SO MANY exciting things!!

    First off, love the favor idea. I'm intrigued to know how it ends up tasting. Second, so happy you chose that dress! It's gorgeous.. and hey, maybe you'll fall more in love with it at your next fitting ;)