Sunday, March 13, 2011

Because easy would be boring... right?

Sorry it's been a few days but I have a very very good reason. My friend Mia had her bridal shower this weekend. It was a surprise so I couldn't write about it here, because Mia sometimes reads my blog :-). Now that it's over, I can say that for the past few days, I have been baking 120 cookies and 60 cupcakes for the shower and then spending time with Mia because she and her fiance Dan are two of my best buds. I was ridiculously stressed about getting everything done (not because it was too much, but because my oven sucks the big one and I kept burning cupcakes and cookies) and would not have been a pleasant blogger.

Now, the title of this post. I'm still not a very pleasant blogger at this moment in time because remember my last post? You know, the one about how our awesome honeymoon is all planned out and is going to be totally awesome? Well, I first contacted Casa Chameleon a week ago, and a customer service woman got back to me the very next day. The e-mail was very sweet and she was very helpful. The e-mail was personalized but contained all the important info I needed as well. She asked where we had heard about CC and about our dates. We don't have them completely worked out yet, but I wrote her back to her that day (now 6 days ago) with our tentative dates... I didn't hear back. Three days go by, I write a very friendly 'Just in case you didn't get my last e-mail, I was wondering if you have availability for the dates that I requested.' I gave her the dates again, there was absolutely no condescension, no passive aggression. I honestly thought maybe our e-mail got buried. Well, it's been another three days and nuthin'. Now, we are settled on this place, we love it. Now, of course, the one thing that keeps running through my head is that our dates are taken or will get taken while I wait for this woman to write back to me. Maybe if the dates are taken, they just ignore you... That sounds like an acceptable business model... BUT it makes a hell of a lot more sense than that they ignore you if the dates are open!

So now I'm convinced that our honeymoon fantasy is going to be over before it even began. We do have other options of course, but we were both set on this place, and at 9 months out, really thought we had given ourselves enough time. Maybe there's been some staffing change or maybe everyone had a week off, but tomorrow marks a full week. Tomorrow they get the serious e-mail. Tomorrow they get the 'We have our heart set on this place but if we can't count of your communication we'll be forced to choose another destination.' e-mail. It won't be nasty, but it will be possibly the firmest e-mail I will ever send (cue dramatic music) because my name is Ashley and I will get my dream honeymoon. If no one contacts me again for another few days, we will have to move on in order to book any honeymoon.

Now, onto a slightly happier subject; I found a possible florist! Her name is Tara and she's from Splints and Daisies and she's based close to our venue. Over anything else, the first thing that struck me is that her website was not the typical special occasion generic flower website. She doesn't do red rose and white lily bouquets. She does fiddlehead ferns and dramatic lilies and she seemed to like my few ideas that I spouted out when I e-mailed her a few days ago. We have a meeting scheduled for this week. The drive sucks, and I'm not sure if I can even afford a real florist, but if I have to have a florist, she is definitely up my alley. I would like to post my ideas, inspiration and preparation once I have more time (I'm sleepy after this weekend) tomorrow for your opinions! I can't wait to at least meet her, even if nothing comes of it, just to go through this process and see what a professional makes of my crazy ideas!

Pretty flower pictures tomorrow. For now, goodnight!!

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  1. Well - I'm not sure why they have not responded but I just viewed an episode of House Hunters International that showed an attorney from San Jose, Costa Rica as the purchaser of the compound and there was no mention of it being a hotel or of the new owner running it as a hotel. I've stayed there before and it was amazing - truly the best so I'm bummed!!!