Monday, March 28, 2011

It's for real now

So, everything in this post will reflect today's title...


Every time I look at the pictures now, I get all excited that we're actually going to be staying here!! For a week!!!! I am literally going to crawl out of bed every morning into my infinity pool and then fall back to sleep in the pool, then crawl up into the hammock and sleep there for a while longer, then probably crawl onto one of the porch chairs and sleep some more and eat and drink and maybe swing through the jungle at some point. You can call me Ashley the sloth, Lord of the Lazy and Luxurious!!

Also, Save the Dates are printed!!! (no rainbow text there, it's not as exciting) But here are some pictures anyway:

Kyle helped with the printing, that is, he let me print them on the office printer... Or as I like to refer to it: the Mega Awesome Fast Machine Good Job.

Only issue is that the burgundy (fancy script) came out really dark, Kyle swears he sees burgundy, I see brown :-(

Like the rough edges??? That was no accident, and no, they didn't come like that...

I spent all day tearing them all apart, and painstakingly giving them rustic-looking, bumpy edges.

When these go out, people will actually know an actual wedding is going to actually happen! I was laughing to myself about how much money (catering deposit, photography retainer, dress) is already spent, it's not like we haven't been preparing... But it was like it was a secret before, once these go out, the secret goes out with it.

People will Save the Date!

Anywho, I'm going to quit spazzing, here's what it'll all look like:

I cut out chocolate-colored cardstock to reinforce the Save the Date, and I think they look great against each other.

Don't get too excited though, they still need a few stamps and artsy additions. I have decided, upon more careful inspection of my initial inspiration, that I was a little heavy-handed in my first attempts at adding artistic touches.

Here's the inspiration from
Just picture it with my fonts and burgundy where the green is. And here's my first attempts:
Yeah, a little... crappy. But that's okay, because that's why I practiced... duh! Winning!! (sorry, I just had to throw in a Charlie Sheen reference... that man has made it instinct for me to say "Winning!" every time I say Duh! like, for the rest of my life!)

Riiight, anyway, so it won't be hard for me to start a lot less heavy-handed, and then go from there. There will be plenty more pictures to show as I go through and stamp and shade 50... yeah, 50 StDs while Kyle gets together the rest of the addresses on his side of the family. I don't envy him, because he has a lot more than I did, and some of them are a lot more extended... Best of luck, Baby, and hurry it up!

One more for real thing that's not as exciting as a honeymoon but still worth mentioning: Tara's deposit is on its way! I am a few days away from having a florist!!! It will soon be time to start talking cake. But not yet.

I would like to leave you all with my restaurant review of the month:

FOND! A very charming BYOB in South Philly. Contemporary American, with a hint of French in there. It was very rich and delicious food.

The atmosphere was a lot closer and noisier than Sonata, but still romantic and cool:
Because it's in South Philly (heavy Italian area), there were a few old, loud, rude people in there, but it didn't ruin the meal. The only reason I even mention it is because the menu and the feel of the place seems geared towards young professionals but there were very few of us there. Anyway, our waiter was one of the co-owners and was incredibly sweet. The chef came out to greet us at the end of our meal... which was delicious!

We had an amuse bouche of mushroom soup first, seared foie gras and octopus salad as apps, then

Pork belly for him...

Seared skate wing for her...

And two bottles of wine later... we had a very fun night. Thank you Fond, we'll be back, despite the loud, old people :D

Anyway, I think that's it for now. It was a great weekend, a lot of stuff is underway, and I'll keep you updated on Save the Dates!

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  1. u should send a save the date to meeeeeeeee =)