Friday, March 25, 2011

Pretend I wasn't here

OK, I'm sorry I kind of broke my promise: our honeymoon is booked. Getting there, not taken care of yet. We're doing flights tonight.

See, Kyle and I have started working out again, every night for an hour, P90X
Yeah, thanks.

Kyle's lost three pounds in one week by also changing his whole diet. See, let me let you in on a little annoying secret. Boys suck! As soon as they break a sweat they lose two pounds. Kyle eats fruit and loses another pound. I eat fruit and break a sweat, I gain a pound. It happens to be water weight, let's just say I picked a bad week to get back into working out, self-esteem-wise. But my face instantly started clearing up, and I do feel good... But it's like all my bodily systems have stopped doing their jobs right now just so they can retain water. They're all on strike:

Even Osmosis Jones has given up virus-fighting to retain water on my behalf!

Anyway, it kicks our butts, and like I said, it's every freakin' night, so we've had enough time to shower, eat, and go to bed after working out. So I'm being sneaky because I promised I wouldn't be back here until the honeymoon was completely booked. That being said, I suppose I should still be crazy psyched that the hotel part is booked, 50% deposit is down!

I mean, I am psyched!!!!

Sorry, the real reason I wanted to post quickly is because I want to change my blog url to be more Kyle inclusive. I tried this out yesterday and got an e-mail from my parents saying that it said my blog had been deleted. Sorry to them and to anyone else, it's changed back... obviously.

But I will be changing the url before StDs go out. I want the blog to also act as my wedding website and I want it to be more wedding appropriate. So, without further ado; the new url will be:

There, easy enough switch. Now I'll wait a week to change it officially, but just know, anyone who does not have google reader or anything, you'll have to type a new address in starting next Friday.

Next, I want to reveal our final design for invitations and StDs. I have to print out StDs very soon, and figured I'd go ahead and do another trial run with invitations while I was at it! Till then, everyone have a stellar weekend!

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